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UKZN Visits
Dr. Miller and Dr. Levings successfully completed another great, educational trip to UKZN in South Africa. While visiting, they presented on:
  • Classroom response systems
  • Teaching and learning
  • Improving presentations
The presentations were well-received and the comments from participants were thought-provoking. Dr. Miller and Dr. Levings are both very appreciative of the opportunity to learn with our African colleagues.  

The is also currently still under construction. Please forward all PLC content suggestions and critiques to Dr. Levings at


You Wanted to Know...

What Makes a Great Teacher? 

What characteristics do you consider to make up a great teacher? Take a look a the video below and consider these questions about teaching...
  • When was the last time you asked a student about their opinions?
  • How often do you have fun with your students?
  • When was the last time you learned with your student instead of teaching them? 

From the Classroom

Greetings from PBEA-PLC graduate student Miranda!!

When the topic of education is raised in casual conversation, everyone has a story to tell. Recently, in an informal discussion in a graduate level research class, I asked a simple and seemingly unassuming inquiry of my fellow students, “Tell me about a challenging educational experience and how it made you feel.” Answers ranged on the spectrum from positive to negative, but the one thing that every story that was told had in common was that it was about a teacher. Some stories pictured the teacher as a sage mentor pushing the student to open their eyes to new experience, while others imagined their teacher as the villain that must be defied to struggle on in the face of adversity. Despite the open-ended nature of the question, curriculum, content, classmates, and tests were not mitigating factors in the “challenging experiences” of my peers. In short, teachers matter. Teachers mold and shape the experiences of their students. Teaching practices matter. Take a look at the attached video about good teaching! 

Feel free to drop me an email about any your experiences in the classroom!

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