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Hi baddies, 

Issue 09 is being published on the heels of International Women’s Day which serves a s a poignant reminder that being a woman is exciting and terrifying all at once. To be a woman, specifically a woman of color, is to be simultaneously revered and denigrated — celebrated and discredited. It’s a tricky balance to navigate, one that requires an incredible amount of resilience and a great group of friends. My instagram feed was flooded with women celebrating their favorite women on Friday and it was cool to see who inspires who and how many women are finding their strength in the community that surrounds them. While some named their favorite influencers, even more shouted out the people who pour into them in real life, a reminder that it’s important to leave space for both forms of nourishment in your life. 

This sunday we’re turning our attention to a multi-hyphenate baddie who loves poetry, fangirling over the newest book about Beyoncé, and singing the praises of the basic drink Rae's obsessed with.

Founder @ BADDIEBOX. 



Do it all for a good girl. In Chambers’ new anthology about Beyoncé she poses the question: "What might a black girl be in this world? Everything—and more than you ever imagined." Beyoncé is a symbol of limitless potential, not just for Chambers, but for lots of others too. She speaks to Elle about her new anthology in the article ahead and gives us another reason to add this book to our TBR.


Glowed up. Baby hairs are all grown up in this spread by Into The Gloss, where they share the how behind the swoops and swirls so you can admire the beauty of those fine little hairs at the front of your head (and copy the look too).


On fire baby, can’t douse it. Lingerie designer Tylynn Nguyen is the cool girl you should be following on Instagram (or maybe already are). She’s popped up in our favorite pubs as of late, sharing a little of her life with Rose, Inc., and how much it costs to be her with Glamour (spoiler: there’s lots of La Mer and Chanel). She’s ridiculously fabulous, ultra-committed to her routines, and the kind of girl (and momma) we aspire to be while masking on self-care sunday.


Gucci like to sway. In a world where the very creation of art can feel like it’s for others, Solange takes the space of her second album to create something that makes her feel. While Cranes in the Sky was “black with a capital B”, When I Get Home is a melting pot of sound and emotion. Emma Bracy digs into the aesthetics and people behind the project for her column “Politics of Style” for Man Repeller ahead.

So if you need a hero, just look in the mirror. Kali Uchis is going on tour! (hold for applause). The artist has risen to fame over the past few years (After the Storm is still on repeat!), and taken her retro ultra-glam aesthetic with her. She recently broke down her sense of style to W Magazine which includes lots of 80’s and 90’s looks and a a few too many (if there is such thing) designer handbags.

*add to cart*

Over the last decade or so, it’s really begun to sink in that Mama Nature is on her last leg which consequently means that so are we. This first-world revelation has spurred many a health trend centered around plant-based + environmentally friendly diets that even I — a woman who daydreams about oxtail — has fallen victim to. 

Cutting back on my carbon footprint and also just feeling better overall has become increasingly important to me, so finding new ways to cut back on animal consumption has been illuminating for both my mind and fortunately, my body. 

If I’m not being a hot mess or low on groceries, one of the first things I do after I wake is whip up a fruit-laced veggie beverage. We’ve been going strong for a solid month now so I can officially say I’m one of these green juicing hos. Or green smoothie hos, rather. This student budget has yet to permit a juicer and my apartment’s kitchen is spatially-disabled so we’re still blending over here. Either way at this point, I’m probably bleeding the stuff. 

Kale, spinach, carrots, lemons, green apples, ginger, pineapple, and coconut water. Write that down. Save it in your notes. Bookmark this email. Whatever you have to do to make sure you don’t forget the latest and greatest additions to your grocery cart. Blended all together or even with a few left out, she tastes great, she clears your skin, she crushes that mid-day slump (due to the antioxidants and vitamins she’s packed with), and she makes you look like you have all your shit together (because you do, ‘wellness’ is now your middle name). I’ve tested the waters with other variations, including a nasty mishap with some cucumbers and broccoli *gags,* but with this cute combo I’m living in a land of perpetual mmmm yum. Her mainstays are the ginger and lemon so try not to leave them out. They’re definitely the heavy-hitters of the bunch with ginger providing some zippy spice and the lemons cutting through all the ruffage with some much needed acidity. Sometimes I genuinely feel like shouting the benefits from some rooftop in Brooklyn, preferably Williamsburg. The non-native New Yorker in me just feels like that’s where my fellow veggie/fruit drinking tribe has to reside. But here is fine too, I guess (jk ilygsm). 

Even with me forever preaching the joys of consistency in mental and physical spaces, it really took a bag of kale on the cusp of being an unusable, wilted mess needing a home for me to reap these bomb ass benefits.

Coffee, who? We literally don’t even know her. Highly recommend :)

ramblings by @raemxly

crushing on

Name: Sojourner Brown

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Home base: New York City. Originally from Nebraska.


What you do: I’m an actor, singer, and a writer. Currently, I’m the alto in Disney’s new a cappella group, DCappella. We just released our debut album with Walt Disney Records, got four songs on The Incredibles 2 soundtrack, and have been featured on American Idol, Freeform, and Disney Channel. While acting and singing are my main focus, writing poetry and music is intrinsic to how I make sense of the world. My senior year at NYU, I released a spoken word/dance film, your body is a catechism, about the beauty and power of the black body. I'm also a producer for The Myriad and co-produce artist exhibitions around NYC with my friends.

What you did last night?: 
I'm currently on tour with DCappella, so last night I performed a show in St. Louis. The crowd was amazing! Afterwards, I hung out on our bus with the tour fam and we just stayed up talking and eating whatever snacks we could find.

How you’re practicing self-care this season: 
Being kind to myself. As a rule, I’m trying not to say anything to myself that I wouldn’t say to my best friend. I’ve also been working on finding consistent daily rituals. For me, that means carving out time to read my bible, work out, write in my journal, and start and end my days with taking care of my body. The past year I've been pretty bicoastal for work, so my schedule looks different each week. I’m a creature of habit, so having little moments of ritual throughout the day centers me and helps me feel anchored amidst the chaos.


The artist at the top of your playlist: 
Lianne La Havas. I see myself in the way that she crafts a lyric and relate to her as an artist so much.

What's the last show you binge watched?
Currently binge watching A Different World. I know, I'm late.

Your current lock screen? 
A painting of me that my best friend Claudia Dockery made. It's the "French" version of me (I don't smoke but I do own the red beret hahah). We both share a love for Paris since we each lived there for a while.

Your secret beauty weapon? 
Rosehip oil! I slather this all over my face morning and night. 10/10 recommend.

The last book you read:
Voyage of the Sable Venus by Robin Coste Lewis. One of my favorite poets.

The last thing you bought that made you feel like a baddie?
Black Vinyl pants. I picked these up secondhand a while back and wore them in the recording studio. Instant confidence boost.

Sprinkle a lil' wisdom.
It’s easy to feel like your heart is under constant attack every time you check the news. I’ve learned that the most radical act in the face of ignorance and tragedy is to love on other people and yourself. Love is a light that cannot be extinguished.


good reads


Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls by T Kira Madden

It’s rare to read work from feminists who sit squarely at the crossroads of intersectionality, but T Kira Madden ticks all the boxes (queer, biracial, woman) while reminding us that at the core of her labels she’s another writer looking back at her life in memoir form. The recent release is already a hit (it has 5-star reviews across the board on Amazon) and promises to be a work that stands the test of time.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo 

From bestselling author Elizabeth Acevedo (she wrote a little known smash hit called The Poet X) comes With the Fire On High, a novel about a teen mom trying to pursue her dreams. Its premise alone is radical (how often do we talk about teen motherhood in lit?!) and the cover art is beautiful. Ask no more questions and add to cart, you’ll thank me later for sharing this delightful read. 

Out May 7

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