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Our work at Bowhead was born out of our own frustrations as health-conscious, tech-savvy consumers who weren’t able to securely own and control our health data. The security of our health data is a systems issue. We want to help stakeholders across healthcare learn about this evolving area, discuss the tensions at play, and co-create sustainable solutions.

Change is a long-game, and we will go farther together.

Our team is named after the Bowhead whale, the world's longest-living mammal. This symbol of longevity and wisdom serves as a reminder that transforming healthcare is a long-game, and we will need to lead with our hearts and minds to create solutions that work for patients, providers, and all stakeholders across the system.

What keeps us up at night?

DYK there has been a 55% increase in healthcare data breaches in the last year? More than 80% of all data breaches result from weak or stolen passwords. With cyber-crime on the rise, we need a safer alternative.

Our team wants to help you understand how to keep your health data secure by unpacking topics like:

  • 1️⃣ Cryptographic private-keys,
  • 2️⃣ Encrypted Health Wallets, and
  • 3️⃣ Blockchain-powered apps for managing your health data.

Security is the foundation of patient-centred healthcare

2020 was the year when many consumers woke up to the culture of surveillance, and the subsequent power of data in our lives. Over the past 12 months, data has been a strong thread through many of our top headlines - be it the pandemic surveillance, US elections, or TikTok’s algorithms. 

Healthcare is not immune to these privacy realities, and patient data security must be recognized as a key pillar in healthcare today.

Our co-founder Dr. Rhea Mehta shares the impact of not having the right data after her father’s sudden cancer diagnosis. Her story is one of millions; we know that health data ownership can save lives. 


Dive deeper into the trends and tensions shaping our world:

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Privacy and trust continue to be on consumers' minds: 
What can blockchain & cryptocurrencies do for healthcare?  
Co-creating a health system for 2021 and beyond:
  • IBM’s Retreat From Watson Highlights Broader AI Struggles in Health Cited struggles included accessing diverse datasets, complex disease profiles and variables not captured in datasets, and challenges integrating solutions into clinical practice. (WSJ)
  • Radical interoperability What is the state of our data systems today, and how are leaders preparing for seamless data-driven healthcare? This is a great primer for anyone innovating in health data management (2019 Deloitte Report)

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