May '19 Newsletter

Monthly Teaching from Seiso Sensei:


By: Rev. Seiso Paul Cooper, Sensei


I would like to speak about the central Buddhist notion of Sunyata or emptiness. That is what the Heart Sutra is about. Zen is often referred to as the Emptiness School.


We don’t actually perceive emptiness. Perceive here meaning we don’t perceive emptiness with our senses because it's a non-sensuous aspect of reality. It is the formless identity of form just as form is the sense appearance of formlessness. We live emptiness. We are emptiness. We intuit emptiness through prajna or intuited wisdom. Sometimes, sunyata is translated as “voidness.” Recently, it has been translated as “boundlessness.” I like the more poetic term: “Infinite Becoming” because it captures the ongoing movement and creative openness and impermanence of lived being. 


Here is a basic definition: Emptiness refers to the fact that all phenomena arise dependent on causes and conditions. Nothing exists separately, independently, permanently, or eternally. There is no “own existence,” no essence, no “soul.” No fixed point, no fixed self. Everything rises and falls subject to causes and conditions. We are “empty” of inherently existing self.


Zen Buddhists talk about emptiness as suchness, is-ness, “being-as-it is", “that which is it", Zen, tathagatas, Buddha-nature, infinite becoming, pregnant gourd, spaciousness. For example, no fixed self or no fixed point; only the sense of self that rises contextually dependent on causes and conditions. In different contexts the “I-sense” or “me-sense” emerges and functions differently. Right now I am a Zen priest and you relate to me as such and I function as such. I am also husband, brother, father, psychoanalyst, friend and will respond and function as such. When you call Seiso Sensei, I will answer. When my daughter calls “Dad,” I will also respond. I am quite sure that each one of you is called by different names according to the context, and each time you answer “Yes” without fail.  


When we chant the Heart Sutra, we speak of the five skandas. They include form, feelings, perceptions, habit formations and consciousnesses. How they come together and function in any given moment creates the causes and conditions of our moment-to-moment identity.

Sekkei Harada Roshi notes that the shifts occur at a rate of 900 times a second!


He also notes that: “Just as “mu” (nothingness) is beyond existence and non-existence, we must be careful not to think that “ku” (emptiness) is a description of a condition where something that should exist does not. Neither is it the description of a state that, in dualistic terms, is empty in the sense of being vacant or hollow. It is the emptiness of emptiness, it is the emptiness of the circumstances of any situation, and it is the emptiness of yourself. (The Essence of Zen: The Teachings of Sekkei Harada (p. 97). 


Similarly, just as emptiness is beyond existence and non-existence, it is also beyond thinking and not thinking; it is, as Dogen notes: beyond thinking, non-thinking, that which cannot be thought. Think about it. That is why Dogen describes zazen as simultaneous practice/realization. Practice is the form or expression of realization; realization is the emptiness or formlessness of practice. Practice is already the result; the experience of what has arisen subject to causes and conditions; the present, this moment result of the activity of the skandas. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself! Just keep practicing no matter what!


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