I have a full-time job again!
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Starting on Signal »

Those of you on this list already know I took a full-time job, but this is my announcement to the world. It's also got some interesting Open Whisper Systems background links and a little more about my thinking. It's quite a change for me! Read More »

Links of interest... - Yet another long argument trying to convince the world that object-oriented programming is bad. Not as good as the previous article I've pointed to on this topic, but still has some interesting perspectives. - As part of my research into Whisper Systems, I took a trip through its historical blog entries. In this article, my new manager talks about the costs of federation, which he fundamentally believes stifles innovation. His answer: centralize, but make it open source. - This is a really great example of what web-based storytelling can be - nice graphics and animation, interactivity, and a fascinating subject. It's a cool insight: that compressibility of the text tells you about the repetition within it.

Bonus: - A great talk by Ashley Williams about the cost of Javascript modularization: does it make sense to create a one-line module? As with all of her talks, it's filled with great quotes and background on the subject. Enjoy! Another great talk of hers.


I'm two weeks into my new job, and I'm starting to feel better about my productivity, with some good pull requests both submitted and merged. This one was merged on my second day! Satisfying.

There's still a whole lot to learn. I don't know as much about the underlying protocol as I need to know, and I probably need an Android device so I can both test against it and draw inspiration from its design for the Android/Android-Dark themes in the Desktop app.

The strangest part so far has been the need to include 'FREEBIE' in all of my commit descriptions so I don't get paid in Bitcoin. Whisper Systems has a nice little system in place where contributors get paid per commit when their pull requests are merged. I'm already getting paid, so I opt out. :0)

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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