Flow almost feels magical - it's fast and useful!
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Better docs and static analysis »

The details of my Flow adventure are available, a continuation of my 'stack improvements' series! I hinted at my explorations in a previous email, but now you can see what it took to get my SW:CCG app working with it. I also cover the reasons to use it: type annotations are a form of documentation, one that JSDoc attempts to provide. Flow makes those annotations more useful, and less likely to decay over time. Read More »

Links of interest... - The React documentation is great, but even the best documentation can have glaring errors. Don't copy code without understanding it well. And don't put JSON directly into a script tag - just imagine what would happen if an attacker got a </script> into a string inside that JSON. Bad news. Always escape! - Art! This reminds me of the screensaver-style programs I first wrote back in 1997 with Pascal BGI graphics. I'm sure I would have done the same if today's browsers were my first canvas. More. The code. - In case you're still not convinced that dinosaurs had features. Keeping up with the latest scientific advances is disorienting but exhilarating! A couple key comments: The best we have about dinosaur colorsWhat T-Rex might have looked like with feathers. :0)


After long hiatus from book-reading in 2016, then a flurry of non-fiction, I just started reading The Three-Body Problem. I had previously heard all the hype about it, and even read the first chapter as a Kindle preview. But it was a friend's glowing review of the three-book series that put me over the edge. I'm excited!

As I've mentioned before, I sit down and review every month after it's complete. I'm in the middle of my November review now. Though it's not complete, I already know one key highlight: I never got sick. So far, this winter, I've been able to avoid the standard bugs. All the more impressive when combined with my historical records - for as long as I can remember, I got sick in November.

Why is this year different? Some key elements of my strategy:
  1. I'm still working with my acupuncturist, Rhiannon Stanford, going about twice a month and drinking her herbal tea.
  2. I'm really doing my best to listen to my body's rhythms, especially when it seems to need more sleep.
  3. I take an Electrolyte Drink most days to help balance me out, along with Vitamin D and fish oil.
  4. I take a full-spectrum enzyme with every meal I eat out of the house, since those can be harder to digest.
  5. I made a batch of Muddy Buddies the week of Thanksgiving for a burst of winter energy. So tasty!
  6. I've got a little light to use in the mornings to help keep my body on rhythm. Even with that, the Daylight Saving Time change essentially put me back on track after having skewed later. I also have some blue-blocking glasses to try to signal my body that it's time to sleep.
Some I've been doing for a while, some is new. But it seems to be working!

Until next week!

Scott Nonnenberg
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