Monads really aren't scary, but they are abstract!
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What's a Monad? Digging into Haskell »

Haskell is an elegant language. I always knew it was there, taunting me with its rigor and complexity. But I never took the time to learn it. I think I was only really ready after getting comfortable with Elixir. The continuation of my functional programming journey - background, notes, and yet another explanation of Monads on the internet! Read More »

Links of interest... - The latest from @Pinboard/Maciej Ceglowski, always a well-delivered important message. This is right in line with his efforts of late organizing Tech Solidarity. - (and its example of great PR feedback) Though people appreciated my Pull Request Mistakes article, after posting it I felt an immediate pang of 'but I didn't include any of the things people should do!' This short article and the example it cites are a great start. - This article makes a very strong case that conferences really, really do need a code of conduct. Yes, they are sometimes used as a shield, and no more effort is spent on making the space welcoming to all. But we can't throw them out because of that!


Big news! I took a full-time job! No longer do I roam the land in search of projects to help out, teams to educate. Starting on Monday I'll be the sixth member of the Open Whisper Systems team, working on its Signal Desktop application. :0)

This week I'm preparing for that new life of remote work with a small team on a big app! By the time you read this, I will have changed the branding on - I'm not a consultant anymore! Though I might do a little bit of training here and there, and I do plan to continue blogging.

In other news, Deconstruct 2017 was really great. Justin Searls revealed his 'Searls-Briggs' programmer personality test (I'm a FALT). We considered a crystal which would split lumber for us - fewer 'knobs' than a circular saw! And, quite a few different times, both Lambda Calculus and the book Seeing Like a State were discussed. Yes, I have started reading the book. Here's the full conference bibliography.

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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