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Part four of my developer productivity series. People who 'get' the value of testing have trouble communicating that to people who don't, and that makes it all seem really scary. Stop worrying! Dive in and build the habit! Big benefits await you! Read More »

Links of interest... - With two entries thus far, I'm pretty excited to see where this blog post series goes. I'm always amazed when we can look back to 1975 for inspiration for a topic like Functional Programming (FP), which feels 'new' in a way, after many years of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) domination. - Remember that Silicon Valley controversy a couple years ago, where Apple, Google and others were colluding to keep salaries low, and agreeing not to recruit each others' employees? That's a monopsony, where the players buying something (instead of selling) collude to fix the price. A good discussion, and something to watch for in the coming years. - If you haven't encountered this twitter account before, you're in for a treat. "time has a use but not a price, avocados have fats" And: an interview of an avocado.


Welcome to 2017! A fresh new beginning, with perhaps some new resolutions to try to uphold. In the last few years, when coming up with my goals for the year, I've tried to reduce the quantification. The thought is that I need to allow for how I and the situations around me will change throughout the year.

So, without further ado, my current set of goals for this year:
  1. Notice my breath more often.
  2. Follow my natural rhythms, do what feels right instead of struggling and trying to follow some sort of principle.
  3. Remember the coyote, the trickster. Don't take everything so seriously. There is no perfect: not in the past, and there never will be in the future.
  4. Try not to build up debt over the course of a day, maybe even build up some equity.
As you may have noticed, they're a bit meta. :0)

Lastly, where in 2016 I tried to post every week, this year I'm thinking I'll only post every other week. See you then!

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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