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Part five of my developer productivity series. It's easy to get sucked into that "there's one right answer" mindset, since so many people are trying to push their approach. But it's all tradeoffs, across a number of different axes. Imagine a sound board in an audio mixing room, and you're sitting there trying to figure out where every slider should be... Read More »

Links of interest... (thread) - A lesson for us all, in how behavior changes based on the name used to sign off on a message. Truly, no difference in the content, just the signature. We all need to take a close look at our biases. Here's a handy cheat sheet - An absolutely fascinating look into the operations of large-scale spammers. 100k domains! Fake email accounts with the big providers to ensure that a campaign's initial emails are marked trustworthy. The trust arms race continues! - A good reminder that going without the 'www.' increasingly appears to have been a hip thing to do, with unexpected negative consequences. Another, more widely-applicable reason


My experience with Elixir continues to be enjoyable. I've got a Postgres/GraphQL server running with the help of the Ecto and Absinthe Hex packages. It's been pretty cool to see Absinthe heavily using macros, a great example of the power available with Elixir. Date processing has been a bit of a hassle, but it wasn't too hard to add custom types to both Ecto (for composite types) and Absinthe (for dates).

I''m also (finally) taking a trip through the Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! tutorial. It's a fun tutorial and a very elegant language. The language you might expect from a working group that evolved out of a conference in 1987 called "Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture." It's really great to finally get a grasp on those weird terms you sometimes hear, like Functor.

If you don't quite want to devote that amount of time, this talk about functional programming might just get you excited enough to make the time. :0)

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Scott Nonnenberg
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