We should all be telling our tech war stories!
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Hard-won lessons: Five years with Node.js »

A bunch of quick stories and the lessons I took from them. This was a fun article to research - I searched through my records from the last few years with a few fun terms. Funny enough, the 'Git fail' stories I was reminded of by the feedback from my last article didn't make it in. Soon! Read More »

Links of interest... - This is some of the best satirical, fantastical technical writing I've ever seen. Deep, deep Clojure. "Og én til javanisse!" There are two more: Reversing (Clojure, a bit lighter). Typing (Haskell). Also, similar. - A real-world corollary to pair programming. And, like pair programming, it is proven to reduce errors. Cool! If only we could get over the cultural resistance to this here in the United States. - A good lesson for us all. Even over HTTPS, researchers were able to identify the Netflix movies being watched. Because variable bit-rate encoding was used, and HTTPS doesn't mask the total amount of the data!


As you read this, I'll be at Deconstruct, a sold-out conference here in Seattle. It's a bit unusual - the only theme is that Gary Bernhardt thinks that every one of the speakers is a great speaker with great ideas. And we know he has really high standards. I'm very excited. :0)

I just finished Ursula K Le Guin's book The Telling. It was the capstone in a 14-book binge of her books. First, The Lathe of Heaven, then some short story anthologies, then the six-book Earthsea series, and finally the Hainish Cycle. I had read The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed before, but the rest was all new. So good! Really mind-expanding. Not your standard Sci-Fi, but you can certainly see why the label is used so often.

With that binge complete, my current book is still Sci-Fi: The Fifth Season. What are you reading now?

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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