Reviewing PRs is really hard!
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Top ten pull request review mistakes »

Git is a powerful tool. It enables a better way to collaborate on code: the pull request workflow. A lot of friction has been removed! But we still have to do the hard work of making high quality software. This week I talk through some of the ways I've seen pull requests reviews go wrong - from personal experience both giving and receiving! Read More »

Links of interest... - Wow, so much effort to produce the photo-realistic beach in Pixar's recent short. So different from the 3D work done for real-time, like video games! Related: Stitch meshes for realistic knitted garments. - A very interesting exploration of the interaction between programming languages and culture. It goes both ways. Go created to help recruit people that share Google's values. F# as a way to support deep financial rigor as well as recruiting for that aptitude. Fascinating. Also mysql_real_escape_string! :0) - The company behind the excellent encrypted messaging app Signal talks about the government's request for their user information. tl;dr: There wasn't anything of consequence. A great reminder about the types of user data we should store long term: none. Related: @TechSolidarity, and this excellent talk: Haunted by Data.


It's good to be free again, after about seven months on my Starbucks contract. I'm excited to take a break, learn some things, build some things, finish building other things, and take on some new contracts in 2017.

First on the list is Elixir. The more time I spend with JavaScript, the deeper I get into functional design. Some of my functions are just a collection of Lodash calls! And I can see very clearly the value of Immutable.js, even it is a pretty big download.

Elixir is a functional language with powerful pattern-matching capabilities, built on top of Erlang and its concurrency-native, fault-tolerant runtime. All data is immutable, and concurrency is handled via lightweight, completely-independent 'processes.' It's  all very mind-expanding and very exciting. Watch for more on this topic!

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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