“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” (Ernest Hemingway)
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First, listen »

You might have heard this principle before: 'understand others before attempting to be understood.' After all, it's the fifth habit of highly effective people! Since it's the end of the year, let's talk about how to apply it to your goals for 2017. Read More »

Links of interest... - A deep dive into that modern web app choice: render in client, or render in server. I love that term 'Uncanny Valley' for server-side rendered apps - between first paint and real interactivity. It's good to name it, because it's really easy to forget about. And nobody wants users to be clicking server-rendered buttons with no responses! Related: Maybe service worker streaming is the solution? Or requestIdleCallback inside framework rendering code? - I still haven't moved to Yarn, but blog posts like this have just about pushed me over the edge. I've definitely run into situations like this, where a too-flexible sub-dependency breaks a build. It'll be a nice continuation of my javascript dependencies 'journey.' :0) - Surprising to see that GitHub has been losing money lately, and not in a 'growing wildly like Amazon' way. Though it does track with the way I've felt about them the last couple years - very little change, very little innovation. However, that feeling has started to change in the last 8 months, with unlimited repos and new features like squash merging. We'll see!


2016 is nearly complete and I've published my final blog post for the year. Amazingly, it brings me to 50 blog posts in 52 weeks! It's a nice round number, but it was never my goal.

My 2016 blogging started with a bet, in October 2015. In the span of three months, I had to publish six blog posts, and a friend had to publish three. With two weeks remaining, my friend and I got together and discovered that neither of us had published anything. But it was a good challenge for me: I buckled down and published all six required posts, starting with Open Source and Feelings: The Awesome, ending with Systems and Incentives.

I didn't stop when the pressure was gone. In fact, I had found a good blogging rhythm. It felt natural to continue. And here we are!

As you plan 2017, what would feel natural to you? Unsure? First, listen.

Until next year!

Scott Nonnenberg
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