Some books to help understand American history and politics.
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Six books for greater context »

I'll be honest. My mental model of the world as recently as mid-October did not allow for someone like Donald Trump to be the President of the United States. So I had to update my worldview. This week's blog post is about some of the books which helped me do that. Read More »

Links of interest... - A great reminder of our responsibilities as programmers. We are the last line of defense when an organization has a questionable goal they'd like to achieve with software. Check out some of the discussion sites - many others volunteered similar stories: Hacker News. Reddit. Slashdot. Related: - If you're in any way connected with the creation of internet-connected devices, I encourage you to check this out. We have certain responsibilities to our users and to the internet as a whole. When toasters can be used for a DDOS attack, it's time to make toasters a whole lot more carefully. - Material Design is a user interface design language - it has standard ways of doing everything, from colors to icons to animations. You've seen at least some of it if you've used an Android phone, but it can be used on an iPhone, iPad or the web too. I'm considering moving all of my personal projects to it, for consistency and efficiency. Microsoft's answer to this was Metro, but it's been retired. Also, a comparison with iOS design guidelines.


This week a family member had a Transient ischemic attack (TIA), which is a type of stroke with no permanent damage. After many tests and a couple days of observation, it seems that the immediate danger has passed. But clearly the original risk factors are still there. Namely stress. This all came after a very tough week at work, with many long days in a row.

It reminds me of last year. A contract ended on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and I promptly got sick when it was complete. My body did its best to keep everything together during the stress of the contract, but sickness overcame my system as soon as I had some time to relax.

The holidays can be pretty stressful, as we add even more onto our already busy schedules. And the amount of the time in every day doesn't change. In fact, it feels like less as the days get shorter.

Remember to breathe.

Until next week!

Scott Nonnenberg
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