Agile is much more than a software development technique.
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When I was on the C# team back in 2006, working on DLINQ, Anders Hejlsberg used to talk about the 'impedance mismatch' between imperative .NET code and declarative SQL used on the database. There is an 'impedance mismatch' between software development teams attempting to be Agile and their parent organizations still publishing public release dates well in advance. Let's talk about making the entire organization AgileRead More »

Links of interest... - It's not strange; it's really quite horrifying. And women in technology have been saying that this is not at all out of the ordinary. Read it and we can all work towards improving things. - Indeed: "What if we regarded code not as a high-stakes, sexy affair, but the equivalent of skilled work at a Chrysler plant?" With the bootcamps pulling as many people as possible into the industry every quarter, we really might just get there. What's your differentiator? - It's very interesting to see the pendulum start to swing back from dynamic to static code. This is a library built for extremely high http/websocket server performance and low memory usage, for use from C++11 and, strangely, Node.js. Given the attention it's getting, people are interested in getting a bit more performance out of their Node.js servers.


I'm happy to be done with my Agile series. Unlike my developer productivity series, these articles don't stand alone quite as easily. A lot of people have a very negative association with Agile after experiencing rigid processes using that name, so I approached that problem directly in the first post, then covered the true definition of Agile in my second post. To fully understand the latest articles, you should read those.

I'm just about to start digging into the intersection of GraphQL and Elixir, after working through the entire high-quality tutorial available on the site. I'm excited!

A few Elixir highlights:

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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