Unit tests are not a panacea!
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In my experience, it's pretty common to see projects with only a smattering of unit tests, nothing else. Why? Because it's the easiest type of testing to set up. Beyond that, each developer does some informal messing around with the app before merging their code, but that's it. We can do better. Let's talk about how to test web applications. Read More »

Links of interest... - Getting deeper into the Node.js platform, with details you won't pick up in most tutorials. It's good to know the details of path and filesystem stuff. - A deep investigation into how Google's spider treats client-rendered apps. Turns out that it even captures content which loads asynchronously, up to 5 seconds after initial Javascript boot! But don't breathe that sigh of relief yet - React-Router seems to give it problems, and then there's always other search engines to consider. - Improving technical hiring with - spoiler alert - paid, pre-interview programming work. I like it. It makes the discussions during the interview that much closer to what would be like to work with them. And that's the whole goal - to figure out what it would be like to work with them!


After an "is JSDoc worthwhile?" conversation with coworkers and a great talk at SeattleJS about TypeScript last week, I finally dug in and tried a Javascript type system. But because I'm already invested in the Babel ecosystem, I went with Flow. It's really great! Combined with FlowIDE for SublimeText and eslint-plugin-flowtype, you've got a comprehensive system. No bugs prevented yet, but then again I've only just converted one of my apps. I'll know more when I've done new development with it.

I also continue to think hard about the future of our country after last week's election. What we're seeing is not normal, and we have to stand against it. You might be interested in following Sara Kendzior, an expert on fascism and authoritarianism in other countries - she is concerned about the signs she's seen here in the United States.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I'll see you next in December!

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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