Let's take on a bit of discomfort for others.
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Fear of the subjective »

Making space for things that are a little outside the norm is uncomfortable, but in the process we make room for ourselves as well. In this post I work through the resistance to things like gender-neutral pronouns and trigger warnings. After all, they're just someone expressing a need! Read More »

Links of interest... - If you're using React and Enzyme to build and test web pages, you might be interested in the PageObject pattern described here. - An 'antagonistic' GSM base station that intercepts SMS messages. Full hardware details and source code included, lest you think that only large organizations can do this kind of snooping! Maybe use Signal instead of SMS? - This book, Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right, takes a look at rural Louisianans. It digs deep into their world: their community, their beliefs, their history. I know it helped me understand 'the other side' a bit better. Worth a read.


Whew! Quite a week! The polls were wrong, and the results were a surprise to many. Sadly, overall turnout appears to be down from the last two elections. Even with what seemed like overwhelming, nonstop campaign presence in all media!

This is a good opportunity to reach out to people not like us, listen and ask open-ended "why" questions to help us build bridges across that left/right divide. And for those of us in the tech industry to think a little bit about our data practices.

But most importantly, we should heed a warning from someone who has "spent much of [their] career writing about Vladimir Putin’s Russia." Stay safe out there.

Until next week!

Scott Nonnenberg
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