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Part two of my developer productivity series. Everyone knows you have to concentrate to write high-quality code, right? Maybe. But even if you know you should do it, do you? This week I dig into specific techniques I've found useful for enabling that necessary concentration, focus, flowRead More »

Links of interest... - You've never seen such a comprehensive breakdown of JSON parser results in weird edge cases. Seriously impressive. He even provides a list of helpful ways to continue his research! You might also enjoy his talks, especially Unicode Hacks. - Node.js continues to march forward. Node 6 is now the current LTS Release, and Node 7 is available! Especially interesting is the plan to eventually crash the process on an unhandled rejected promise. For now, it's just deprecated, and will warn on the console. - A talk given at the Library of Congress on the dangers of machine learning - pay attention to the data you use as your training set! I really enjoy Maciej Cegłowski's writings and talks - you're in for a treat if you haven't yet read Web Design: The First 100 Years or The Website Obesity Crisis.


First they came for our headphone jacks, and now they've come for our escape key. I'm uncomfortable with this trend.

I like that I can plug my headphones into my laptop or phone. And I do use the escape key! Sometimes I even use shortcuts that involve keys above the number row! Let alone the fact that I'd really rather not learn a new keyboard. Ever. To that end, I'm already out of date. I have a lot of old magic keyboards (I use two at a time), and I like that they match my laptop keyboard layout!

Alas, we must all eventually adapt. The future happens. I mean, we'll definitely have to get used to that new dial peripheral Microsoft is pushing along with its Surface Studio desktop machine. Though these gambles don't always work out - remember Zune? Of course you don't!

Until next week!

Scott Nonnenberg
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