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2017: Twenty years online »

1997 was a time when the internet was still an exotic place. A time of Windows 3.1, dial-up internet access, and hand-edited HTML. It was also when I uploaded my first site to the web! I've uploaded my archived pages from that time for your perusal - take a look around! Be sure to check out my avant-garde landing page... Read More »

Links of interest... - If you're anything like me, you've probably looked into the Haskell programming language a bit. When the term 'monad' comes up, you look for a good, concise definition. After trying to read couple near-gibberish attempts at a definition, you give up. Maybe we don't need to know that term to be a productive Haskell developer? - My last article was about reviewing pull requests well, and this article continues in the trend. Essentially: the culture of the team is really important, and a conversation shouldn't go on too long. - Are you using terms like 'strong typing' without defining them? Relying on some sort of shared cultural understanding in a close group? Perhaps even yelling on the internet? Time to tighten up some of your definitions. Gary proposes that the only valid term is 'static' vs. 'dynamic' typing because 'strength' is highly relative.


When a good friend recommended that I submit my Top ten pull request mistakes post to Hacker News, I certainly didn't expect it to spend nearly a day on the front page - seems that folks are eager to improve their code reviewing skills! Welcome, y'all. :0)

It was pretty great digging into my old web page archives over the past week or so. Quite a snapshot into my younger years! Also a really great opportunity to get it all organized. I realized that I didn't have a final version of my homepage - fortunately the Wayback Machine provided the missing bits.

I went further, and did some restoration with modern tools. A global rename to lowercase, since I'm now hosting these sites on a case-sensitive filesystem. And an automated scan for broken links, something I would have been so happy to have when I was starting out.

Until next time!

Scott Nonnenberg
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