I have been finding calm in making things this week. Cardboard and paint and markers are bringing out my inner 3rd grader with imperfect, messy crafts and simple doodles in my favorite notebook. Getting off my computer to make bits of art has been a balm for the epic distraction that iPhones and Youtube and social media bring.

What do you do to find calm?

Clementine Hunter Art Project Idea

Clementine Hunter created art from memory where scenes depicting her daily routines and rituals on the plantation like washing clothes or going to church give us a window to her life.

Can you create a drawing from memory? Take a look at samples of her work and color, draw or paint a scene from your daily routine. Walking the dog? Playing on your computer? Playing outside with friends? Experiment with materials like she did use cardboard instead of paper or chalk instead of crayons. Give it a try!

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