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Snow Lambs & Other News

Dear Friends of Kythera,
it has been snowing on Kythera: olive groves coated with cold powered whiteness contradicts many of our notions of the island and helps us discover yet another aspect of our multifaceted Kythera to add to the hidden fresh-water pools, private helipads, bootlegging stills, seal-inhabited caves, pirate coves and sunken canons. Not to mention the secret hiding places of the lost golden bell of Paliohora and the the most holy temple to Aphrodite in the Greek-speaking world. Our Treasure Island's greatest assets remain our family connections which are accessible to us both on and off the island.

The wonderful pictures below were taken by Maria Giannioti, of the Roussos Ceramics family.
On Friday I called Karavas' Poppy and Georgos Koroneos, of Kythera mon Amour fame. They were out in their fields with their sheep and it had begun to snow. It reminded me of how amazing our communication network is: I could be sitting in an office in cold Berlin, calling Poppy's Greek mobile phone 2km north of Karavas, and we could be chatting about her newly born lamb playing in the snow. Poppy is an avid communicator, calling a friend whenever she has a spare moment. When I am on the island she phones me at least once a day - more often if she wants to confirm a get-together we are having. She's like a big sister, picking my brain about what my kids are up to and gathering all the details, which she probably tells to her other phone-buddies on the island. Half the island must know what my sons got in their last tests before my own mother does.
Georgos and Poppy with their sheep long before the snow began to fall. Picture by John Vanges.

In the "old days", a phone-call to Kythera was a big event. Even when I first visited in the 1980s, about the only telephone in Mitata was in the café-general store, and when calls came in, scouts would be sent out to find and inform the villager being called to come and receive their calls. This could take many minutes, if successful at all. In my case, when my (non-greek) mother called, she would have her patience tested to the limit by an old Greek in the village who had been called over to "entertain" her in broken English while I was being sought. It was usually the same old villager each month and she had to hear him repeat his life story each time. 

Poppy and her nephew George the Taxi Driver, having fun while watching Kythera mon Amour.
Poppy's nephew, George the taxi driver in Karavas (above), was at her place last time I visited. He hadn't seen the film and, after lunch, we all watched it together. Poppy and her brother observed their nephew's reaction to the movie and particularly enjoyed his awe at their inspiring performances. Like most people who see the film for the first time and don't know what to expect, he became so distracted by the island's beautiful scenery, the handsome faces and the absurd storyline, that he overlooked the amateur pedigree of the film and its technical faults. Like a stand-up comic who thrives on the laughs in the audience, each smile on the face of the viewer of my film makes the whole effort worthwhile for me. And encourages me to make the sequel even better. It was particularly important to me that nephew George liked the film, because I had a role for him in the sequel: that of a blind taxi driver. He accepted on the spot and even pointed out that he knew the roads of the island so well he could probably negotiate them with his eyes closed. And I have to admit, sometimes when driving on Kythera I have the impression that many drivers may indeed be at least partially blind.
Lemons in snow in Perlengianika.
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Kythera Mon Amour News

Our own George
No-one was less surprised than I was to hear that one of Kythera mon Amour's leading men, Georgos Papageorgiou, has been named one of Greece top young actors of 2016. George is a director's dream-actor: gifted: uncomplicated; able to take a few words and sketchy directions and turn them into visual music; photogenic from all angles; and one of the nicest people you could meet. George will be back for the sequel which should hit the cinemas in October. 

Kythera Music Reminder
If you enjoyed the moving score of Kythera mon Amour by Katya Sourikova, you can hear samples of it and purchase it on her site. All proceeds go directly to her. We're fortunate that she and her husband Michael, a talented sound engineer from New Zealand, have agreed to record and score our next film "An Island named Desire". 

In Need of Props!

We'll be filming in May and July and we still need a few props. In addition to a full-sized skeleton - realistic but not necessarily real - we also need a few dozen old-style suitcases (pre-plastic) of which there are probably thousands gathering dust in garages and store-rooms around the Kytherian world. And a biggish church bell. At least 60cm tall. If any of you have access to any of the above and can get them to the island (if they aren't already there) you can count on a mention in the credits and a free DVD of the finished film! Please let me know if you can help. 

Join the Cavalcade

Great news: since the last newsletter was published, four new benefactors have joined the ranks of our official sponsors for the next film. In addition to generous donations by N. Feros, J. Minucos and the Coward Family, the Kytherian Association of Australia have come to the party and we have now almost raised half the minimum budget of $48 000. For as little as $20 you too can enjoy the perks of becoming a Kythera mon Amour Benefactor and help to ensure the success of the next film. More details on our Sponsorship Page
Minus 4 tonight on our island. Snow is forecast for Tuesday as well. By the way, if you'd like to keep up with the weather on Kythera, the METEO SITE is popular.

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Stephen Trifyllis' Kythera Album

Can you recognise where all the pictures below were taken? Click on the pictures to go to the full-sized versions with captions on
© All photos Stephen Trifyllis 2016. Thanks for the wonderful work!
If you haven't seen it yet...
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Breaking News:

Sunken Wrecks
Our fearless reporters in the snowy outer reaches of the island (Perlengianika) have heard rumors that Kythera's "big" ferry, the Vinsentzos Kornaros, will be back on duty in the very near future, but that the Porfyroussa, which commutes between Neapoli and Diakofti, will be off-line for a month or so. 
More Beautiful Girls
Other news: Manos and Evdokia were blessed with the arrival of their baby girl just before Christmas - congratulations!
Caves and Midgets
Greek Federal Police raided some caves in the Gerakari Forest in late December after a tip-off that Albanian Christmas Elves (or "midgets" depending upon the translation app you use) were stashing illegally imported Russian deodorant there. A senior Greek politician accused the midgets/elves of trying to corner the deodorant-sniffing market as he was led handcuffed from the cave by police, his pockets stuffed with the roll-on contraband. Yes, dear readers, I'm just testing to see how many of you actually get this far in the newsletter. 
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Recent Entries on Kythera-Family

John G. Alfieris (Feb. 28, 1883 - Dec. 6, 1966) Oakland, CA, USA

Trisagion services for John G. Alfieris, 83, retired Oakland restaurant operator and patriarch of the East Bay Greek community, will be held at 8 o’clock tonight at Grant Miller’s, 2850 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 

Services will be held at 11:45 a.m. tomorrow at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension, 4700 Lincoln Ave., Oakland.

Mr. Alfieris, who sold his last downtown restaurant after suffering a heart attack in 1948, died Monday at his home, 203 Athol Ave., Oakland.He is survived by his wife, Mary, five children, 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Mr. Alfieris and his wife were born on the island of Kythera, off the southern coast of Greece. They were married in Egypt in 1903 and came to Oakland shortly before the 1906 earthquake and fire.

Soon after, he opened a candy store and cafe in the Fruitvale district of Oakland. For many years he was Northern California subscription representative for the California Greek Newspaper.

Mr. Alfieris directed or acted in many Greek dramas for Greek Orthodox church and other groups. He was co-founder and past president of the Hellenic Community Church, Oakland; past president and co-founder of the Kytherian Society of the West Coast: president, past district governor and charter member of the Greek American Progressive Association (GAPA), and member of AHEPA Chapter 171 of Oakland. 


Oakland Tribune: Dec. 1966
Paspalas Family 

submitted by Elias Vlanton on 27.11.2016

My grandmother was Stamatina Paspalas from Logothetianika and I am connected to a small group of Paspalases in the United States. I know that some of the Paspalas clan moved to Australia, but I have no contact nor know anything about them. I know my great grandfather's name was Anastasios. If anyone might be related and would like to be in touch, please reply.

KMA2 now Crowdfunding!

1000 Kytherians can't be wrong! After sell-out premieres on Kythera, in Berlin, Sydney and Brisbane, to enthusiastic audiences young and old, bold and beautiful, Greek and non-Greek, we are now on path to produce Kythera mon Amour 2, "An Island Named Desire". It will be filmed in mid-2017 and in the cinemas this coming October! All your favourite stars from the first film will be back, and new unique island characters will also be on hand to reveal the spices of Kytherian life. 

Funding Goal:    $48 000

Already Raised: $23 000 (47%!)

Still needed:      $25 400

Bronze Beekeeper Supporter

For your donation you'll receive free streaming rights to both Kythera mon Amour 1, Highlights from Kythera from the Air, AND streaming rights to Kythera mon Amour 2 as soon as it has premiered. And we'll keep you in the loop about the new films progress including exclusive interviews with those involved.

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As a silver supporter you'll receive the rewards listed in Bronze above PLUS the DVD of the film when completed shipped to you anywhere in the world. 

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Golden Aphrodite Supporter

Your generous donation will be rewarded with all the bronze and silver sponsor prizes, but instead of just one DVD you'll receive 3 DVDS of both films - Kythera mon Amour One and Two, as soon as the second is ready. AND, if you can come, you'll receive 2 free tickets to the opening night in the premiere city of your choice, such as Kythera, Sydney, Brisbane or Berlin.

$100.00  book on sponsor page   

Poppy & Georgos Special Benefactor

You are obvious fans of Poppy and Georgos, two of the stars of the film, so for this donation, you not only receive all the rewards listed in the above sponsorship categories, you also are invited to a fully-paid dinner with Poppy and George (and an interpreter if required) at a restaurant on Kythera of your choice (air-fares are not included!). And of course you'll be prominently mentioned in the film credits.

$500.00  book on sponsor page   

Magnificent Myrtidia Benefactor

As a premium benefactor of the film you of course receive all the above listed rewards including a fully paid dinner with the members of the cast available upon your next visit to Kythera, or with the director when he visits your home town. If you wish to and are on the island during the filming, you can also play a cameo role of one of Georgos and Poppy's prized relatives. And you can review the script of the new film and provide input to improve it in advance of the filming.

$1000.00  book on sponsor page   

Executive Producer Status

As an Executive Producer,  you can, if you wish, become part of the dedicated team working to make the new film a great success. As well as receiving all script versions and filming reports, your feedback during all stages of editing will be more than welcome, should you desire to be part of the process. In addition you will of course receive all the perks of the other sponsorship categories, enough premiere tickets and DVDs to ensure your extended family are well supplied for. And you are invited to dinner cooked and served by the film's director at his home on Kythera and/or in Berlin. (Travel expenses not included!)

$5000.00  book on sponsor page   

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