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Kythera on the French Riviera

Dear Friends of Kythera,

good news on the film front: two of our Kythera short films (one with the same title as the feature "Winter on Kythera" which is premiering this weekend, and another called "Over the Edge"), have been selected by Marche du Film, the governing body of the Cannes film Festival, for inclusion in the official "Short Film Corner" section.
And so our Island will not only be seen by the top international film industry executives who make the decisions about where new movies will be made, but our island will also be presented alongside the other great film locations showcased at the most prestigious premiere film festival in the world. 
Maria Thanas, above, stars in the short films shot on Kythera which have been accepted to the Short Film Corner at Cannes this year. 
According to the blurb on the the Short Film Corner website:
• the film will benefit from a prime viewing position within the Short Film Corner
• the film will be accessible to all Festival-goers via the Digital Film Library
• the film will be referenced on and in the Catalogue du court
• the film can be viewed by selected professionals at an online private screening after the event.
• Your participation the Short Film Corner will increase the chances of seeing your film selected by international festivals, as well as revealing your talent to potential partners and diffusers.

The wild west coast of Kythera, where much of the films were shot, is as windy as it is spectacular. 

Last Chance for Tickets to the Premiere!

Tickets are still available for our screenings this coming weekend in Sydney (not many left!)  and Brisbane - so both will be great Kytherian events. In addition to the main film and two exclusive previews from my other Kytherian feature film (An Island Named Desire, coming out later in the year). And I'm putting together a 20 minute collection of new drone footage shot over many beautiful sights on the island. If you're at the premiere you'll be able to show off your Kytherian geography expertise by calling out the name of the places shown before it is revealed as text at the end of each clip. I'm pretty certain that at least some of the natural beauty which will be revealed will be unknown to you, because even after more than 50 visits to the island myself I still regularly discover stunning new vistas.
Tickets to the films are available at

I hope to see you there!

James Prineas

There are some interesting characters in the film (and on Kythera). Like Georgos the Blind Taxi Driver).
The Kytherian World Heritage Fund presents:
There are dozens of great Kythera-related titles on 
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Just download their
Rent or purchase Kythera mon Amour online here:
Highlights of Kythera from the Air is available for rent or purchase here:
Help support our film project:
We need your help to achieve our goals! You can support the production of the sequel by sponsoring one or more of the packages below and you'll receive special rewards including free DVDs, streaming rights and tickets to the premieres. Indirectly you'll be supporting the island of Kythera as well: the new film will reach a wide audience, many of whom will be inspired to visit the island thus helping the local economy. 

Bronze Beekeeper Supporter

For your donation you'll receive free streaming rights to both Kythera mon Amour 1, Highlights from Kythera from the Air, AND streaming rights to Kythera mon Amour 2 as soon as it has premiered. And we'll keep you in the loop about the new films progress including exclusive interviews with those involved.

$20.00  book on sponsor page   

Silver Skandia Supporter

As a silver supporter you'll receive the rewards listed in Bronze above PLUS the DVD of the film when completed shipped to you anywhere in the world. 

$50.00  book on sponsor page   

Golden Aphrodite Supporter

Your generous donation will be rewarded with all the bronze and silver sponsor prizes, but instead of just one DVD you'll receive 3 DVDS of both films - Kythera mon Amour One and Two, as soon as the second is ready. AND, if you can come, you'll receive 2 free tickets to the opening night in the premiere city of your choice, such as Kythera, Sydney, Brisbane or Berlin.

$100.00  book on sponsor page   

Poppy & Georgos Special Benefactor

You are obvious fans of Poppy and Georgos, two of the stars of the film, so for this donation, you not only receive all the rewards listed in the above sponsorship categories, you also are invited to a fully-paid dinner with Poppy and George (and an interpreter if required) at a restaurant on Kythera of your choice (air-fares are not included!). And of course you'll be prominently mentioned in the film credits.

$500.00  book on sponsor page   

Magnificent Myrtidia Benefactor

As a premium benefactor of the film you of course receive all the above listed rewards including a fully paid dinner with the members of the cast available upon your next visit to Kythera, or with the director when he visits your home town. If you wish to and are on the island during the filming, you can also play a cameo role of one of Georgos and Poppy's prized relatives. And you can review the script of the new film and provide input to improve it in advance of the filming.

$1000.00  book on sponsor page   

Executive Producer Status

As an Executive Producer,  you can, if you wish, become part of the dedicated team working to make the new film a great success. As well as receiving all script versions and filming reports, your feedback during all stages of editing will be more than welcome, should you desire to be part of the process. In addition you will of course receive all the perks of the other sponsorship categories, enough premiere tickets and DVDs to ensure your extended family are well supplied for. And you are invited to dinner cooked and served by the film's director at his home on Kythera and/or in Berlin. (Travel expenses not included!)

$5000.00  book on sponsor page   

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