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"Winter on Kythera" Premiere
in Sydney and Brisbane.

Dear Friends of Kythera,

Yes, another film, but it isn't what you think! Winter on Kythera was an unexpected baby. Here's the story: while I was shooting An Island named Desire last (Kytherian) Summer, Maria Thanas, one of the talented young actors who stars in that film, told me about an adventure she had when she spent 6 months in a isolated shack in Winter trying to "find a purpose in life". It was so funny, tragic and exciting that I wrote a script and we filmed it with Maria in October.

The story lent itself well to showcasing our beautiful Kythera at a time when few foreigners visit, and, impulsive fool which I am, I shot it between scenes of the other film. What was initially intended to be a short interlude has now turned into a feature film itself. Like my previous film, it is quite mad, but hopefully "enjoyably crazy" kind of way. I will be ready to show it, together with some other Kytherian treats, in a few weeks, when I come to Australia in February.

Maria's adventures included some wonderful characters and I managed to convince five charismatic locals - Tzimmy Galakatos, George Koroneos (of Plateia Ammos), George Fatseas, Refaat Khalil and Vasili Psyliotis - to join the cast. They are brilliant natural talents!

Of course Kythera itself, as usual, is the real star of the show - the storyline takes us all over the island, from Diakofti, across to Kaladi, over the Lighthouse Beach up North and of course to the crashing coast of Ocheles.

We've already arranged our venues in Sydney (The Ritz in Randwick) on Sunday the 25. February at 6pm and Brisbane (New Farm Cinema) on Saturday the 24. February at 4pm. It would be nice to show the film in Canberra and, if possible, Melbourne as well. Let me know if you are part of the community there and can help with arrangements. You can already reserve your tickets for Sydney and for Brisbane.

I hope many of you can come and we'll have special prizes for the oldest, youngest, and others too in the audience!

See you at the cinema!

James Prineas (

If you liked the first film – Kythera mon Amour – and it's characters, don't worry, its sequel, An Island name Desire, hasn't been forgotten. It's still being edited and should be finished in a few months.
The Wild West of Kythera: Ocheles is rarely visited despite its amazing beauty. 
Above: Outside the "spitaki" in Ocheles, Aphrodite (Maria Thanás) and unexpected visitor Georgos (Georgos Koroneos) discuss the strange earthworks Aphrodite has been working on.
Above: Kaladi with barely a sole on it? Only in the Winter.
Above: Tzimmy Galakatos, Kythera's answer to Robert de Niro, keeps a sharp eye not only on his goats, but on the beautiful Aphrodite as well. 
Above: George Koroneos, who plays the famous Blind Taxi Driver of Kythera, takes in a perfect Kytherian Winter sunset. With his trusty metal detector he finds a few more "veins" than he expected.
Above: Yes, Kaladi again, but who's that on the beach?
Above: The Blind Taxi Driver Georgos and his friend Tzimmy the shepherd discuss, among other things, the allure of Italy and its women and the limitations of a board and paddle to get one there...
Above: Aphrodite, played by Maria Thanas, warms herself against a sun-drenched wall, just as our Kytherian ancestors would have centuries ago.
Above: Three original Kytherian heroes, Refaat Khalil, Georgos Fatseas and Tzimmy Galakatos, assess the surf before the plunge is taken. Can any of you guess which beach they are on?
Above: Paddling off into the sunset. But who is the enigmatic stranger so eager to leave Kythera in Winter?
Win one of three Paliopoly boards which are prizes at the premieres in each city!
By the way, if you'd like to keep up with the weather on Kythera,
the METEO SITE is one of the most accurate.
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As an Executive Producer,  you can, if you wish, become part of the dedicated team working to make the new film a great success. As well as receiving all script versions and filming reports, your feedback during all stages of editing will be more than welcome, should you desire to be part of the process. In addition you will of course receive all the perks of the other sponsorship categories, enough premiere tickets and DVDs to ensure your extended family are well supplied for. And you are invited to dinner cooked and served by the film's director at his home on Kythera and/or in Berlin. (Travel expenses not included!)

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