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Early Years #3

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Baby looking at reflection in mirror
Mirror, mirror!
(Birth to 2 years)
Babies love looking in mirrors, but did you know that they are learning about themselves, exploring facial expressions, and developing their eye focus and cognitive skills? Try these easy mirror games with your baby.
Young boy looking at grass through magnifying glass
Encouraging STEM
(6 months to 5 years)
Babies and little children are natural explorers. You can help your little one to develop a life-long love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) simply by encouraging their curiosity and having fun together investigating the world around you.
V is for vocabulary
Foundations for Reading 3: Vocabulary
(2 to 4 years)
Did you know there are five key skills that help children learn to read? The third is Vocabulary. This article explains how you can help your little one lay the foundations for this important skill.
Father reading to young son
Foundations for Reading 4: Fluency
(2 to 4 years)
The fourth article in this series explains the fourth skill: Fluency, and gives you seven great tips for how you can help your little one lay the foundations of this important skill.
Jumble of number blocks and shapes
Early Maths Skills: Number sense
(12 months to 4 years)
Developing early maths skills in pre-schoolers can help them to do better at maths at school. Use these tips to help your pre-schooler develop the important skill called number sense.
Young boy and grandfather lying on the ground and laughing
Grandparents make learning fun
(Birth to 5 years)
Many children have grandparents in their lives - perhaps as regular babysitters, as hosts for family get-togethers, or as occasional visitors from out-of-town. Read this article for the wonderful ways grandparents contribute to a child's confidence, culture, curiosity and caring.  
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