Shout out to our CarePortal network in Tulare County for hitting a huge milestone of serving 1,000 children since officially kicking off in January 2021. Thank you to all the LOCAL churches, LOCAL businesses, and child-serving agencies that have worked diligently to meet the vetted needs of kids through 489 requests, creating a LOCAL

economic impact of $403,893!

Come celebrate with us this coming Thursday, February 23rd at Rise Church to hear real-life testimonies and stories of how the Church and community have collaborated to serve each of these children and families.

Together, we can break the orphan cycle and be part of reversing the

foster care crisis – for the benefit of children, for the good of the Church,

and for the glory of God!

Thank you to everyone who continues to live out the Biblical Mandate to

"Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:40)

and "Look after the orphan" (James 1:27).

God is not taken by surprise in these crises, and at the center of

His plan are ordinary people who love their neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Together, we can Care for Every Child.

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