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6 Major Trends in Design
for 2017

Our team got together to match today’s trends in design and decoration with future trends in society.

We’ve dug out and analysed these trends just for you.  Take time to go over them.  Often, individuals without consulting each other, adopt the same trends in the space of a few months.
Green is back in full force
Glorious grey/white hair for 2017
A need for beauty and authenticity
Preference for exclusivity
Going retro:  wallpaper is coming back
A certain extravagance in mosaics and textiles

Green is back in full force
Citizens’ group are making our communities green again.  The number of green alleys in Montreal has exploded notwithstanding the rehabilitated shores of Montreal’s channels.
Photo: @imagine_montreal on Instagram
Everyone dreams of living near water and people have a vital need to be in touch with nature. Bio and natural wines reflect this trend for terroir products and restaurants’ chef tend to recreate nature in their dishes.
Photo: @cyrilchefsconsulting on Instagram
Decoration and Design
In 2017, green is a refreshing color which invites a touch of nature in your home.  Within urban settings, people feel the need to live in harmony with nature.  Green is a peaceful and soothing color which can motivate us to exercise us and meditate.  With more than 100 shades of green on the market, it is impossible not to find the right one for you.
Photos: @benjaminmoore on Instagram

Glorious grey/white hair for 2017
Grey/white hair!  Grey is glamorous.  Younger women and many women over 60 wear their grey hair with elegance.  We can’t help smiling when 6 mature women are winning over millions of fans on Instagram.  Baddie Winkle, an 87 years old grandmother is the new spokesperson for the makeup company “Urban Decay”.
Photo: @baddiewinkle on Instagram
Fashion icon Iris Apfel is a colorful and vibrant interior designer.  Others will follow….
Photo: @iris.apfel on Instagram
Decoration and Design
Grey is taking over in 2017.  From Sico to Benjamin Moore, colorists favor warmer and iridescent tones of grey.  Grey is an elegant color which matches well with orange, red, yellow and interiors with wood.  Grey is a catch-all color suggestive of cocooning.
Photo: @benjaminmoore on Instagram

A Need for Beauty and Authenticity
People want a natural feel in their environment.  They aim for a healthy lifestyle, to look and feel good.
Photo: @erika_aloes on Instagram
Bio is popular.  Water is the elixir of drinks after detox juices and coconut water. It is perceived as a precious commodity.
Photo: @sakaralife on Instagram
Authentic is the new password!  Genuine in health, beauty and make-up!
Photo: @mag_clindoeil on Instagram
According to architect Pierre Thibault  “beauty has a direct impact on our quality of life”.  We go to the spa with the same ease we go to the supermarket.  Trips which target a person’s wellbeing are extremely popular.

Decoration and Design
Comfort and luxury equals beauty.  This trend will be popular for years to come. Ivory, tan, anthracite colors, slate and wood translate into the true spirit of authenticity.
Photo: on Instagram
The Search for Exclusivity
We’ve noticed a growing trend for niche products.  Certain consumers, mostly younger ones, are steering away from mass produced goods and moving towards handmade products. There is more room for niche brands in design shows.  We are promoting the development of ethical and eco-responsible goods.
Photo: @frett_knitwear on Instagram
In 2017, the focus will be in the recognition of the unique skills of makers of luxury goods such as Hermès.  Hermès has been a luxury icon for the last 170 years because of the extraordinary talents of its craftsmen.
Photo: @hermes on Instagram
Decoration and Design
The consumer chooses exclusive, made-to-measure furniture.  We are looking for unique pieces which reflect craftsmen’ skills and talents.
Photo: @hautbeau on Instagram
2017 is the year which celebrates cultural diversity and the traditional skills of craftsmen in the world.
Photo: @muubs on Instagram

Going Retro:  Wallpaper is back
Origin Wallpaper sets new trends with metal, wood and stone patterns which look astonishing.
Photo: @originwallpapers on Instagram
Estahome presents in its 2017 collection an incredible choice of stylized vegetal patterns such as leaves, flowers, feathers, floral motifs and trees.  Wallpaper will decidedly attract attention in your home.
Photo: on Instagram

A Certain Extravagance in Mosaics and Textiles

Tiles imitating wood, brushed marble, porcelain tiles are part of this organic and natural trend in decoration.  In 2017, geometric forms are extremely popular.
Photo: @ramacierisoligo on Instagram
2017 is the year to soften and brighten the rooms in your house with refreshing shades in whites and faux-whites.
Photo: @chalet_1864 on Instagram
In 2017 there is a need for exotics trips and new destinations between East and West.
Photo: Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH)
Knock on Wood offers the best of “now and then” to its demanding customers.  Knock on Wood will soon open its first online boutique.  You will enjoy browsing through our site to find unique and unusual objects from across Europe and North America.

Thank you for your fidelity.

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