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New Season Special

The 'Blueprint for God's Church'' is intended to be the clearest and simplest form of communication of our Vision and our Purpose to date.

We are on a journey of transition. There is a heart for everyone to commit to God's Blueprint for His Church and carry the Church DNA...

We are all on a journey and somewhere along our spiritual growth track, where we see:
  • Lost People Saved   (Coming to Know God)
  • Saved People Pastored    (Finding Freedom)
  • Pastored People Discipled   (Discovering Purpose)  and
  • Discipled People Sent   (Making a Difference)
This is God's plan for your life.


A Church experience 'Where Lost People are Saved'.

We are being intentional about looking at the structure of our 'Sunday Services'.

We want our Sunday services to be a time where we 'experience the presence and power of God', in a way that 'unchurched' people like to attend too!'.

We are focusing on the importance of Church membership and a declaration that you want to 'belong' to The King's Family Church and commit to God's blueprint for our Church. If you haven't already filled out your membership form, and you want to publicly associate yourself with the Church and it's vision, please can I ask you to do this as a matter of importance, so that we can establish the foundations on which to build. .

We will soon be looking to understand what factors are important in making the Church more accessible and relevant to children and families. We also need to consider things that are a barrier to lost people coming and experiencing the presence and power of God with us. 

There is an intention to hold 'Welcome Night's' at least 3 times a year. These will be nights where we can really welcome our new members, and help people understand more about our vision, our structure, our DNA, our ministries, and provide the opportunity to answer any questions people might have about who we are, what we believe and what we do.


We are committed to strengthening 'House-groups'.and want everyone to have the opportunity to belong to one of our groups and do life together.

We want our small groups to really 'pastor people well', and be a place where we look out for each other. We all have things that we are working through, times when we need the love, support, encouragement, wisdom and prayers of good Christian friends,

God made us all unique (Thank God for that!) and we all have different spiritual needs and different personal circumstances. In the coming weeks and months, we will be looking to understand those different needs, and different dynamics, whether it's because of the frequency of meetings, the location, gender, age, childcare provision, etc. and we will try our best to provide everyone with an opportunity to access a group.

We will probably rename our groups, establish purpose, and endorse and equip our group leaders. This is likely to lead to one or two more groups being launched.    


'Discover Purpose' is all about making Disciples.

This is next stage of spiritual growth, following on from seeing 'Lost People Saved', and 'Saved People Pastored',

In addition to developing a fundamental teaching programme for all Church members, we are looking to provide more opportunity to get connected with 'Discovering Your Purpose' as an individual. Going forward, we will be introducing 'Discover Purpose' night's, where those who are looking to get involved in serving can come along and have conversations about fulfilling what God has planned for them. Alongside this, there is a heart to provide 'Leadership Training' for those looking to be equipped to serve on our staff team.

God has a plan and purpose for YOU and as a Church, we want to help you discover it.

It's God's desire for you to come to know Him, find freedom, discover your purpose and ultimately 'Make a Difference'.

When you have reached this point in your life, we want to help you understand more about God's blueprint for the Church,carry carrying the Church DNA, understanding culture and how to serve on team. 

We will be looking to connect you with serving in a team and making a difference in the world in which we live and in your own circle of life.
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