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Your Daily Guide: Hey Las Vegas

Thursday, April 27


😎  91°


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It's Thursday. Let's leave it at that. Onward!

What Las Vegas’s Talking About

Spoiler: It's Not Poets

Pop quiz: Who donates the biggest dollars to Nevada’s lawmakers? Is it (a) Big Pharma, (b) Humongous Gaming, (c) labor, (d) lawyers, or (e) poets? The answer may surprise you! [Nevada Independent]

Lake Remains ID’d

Human remains found at Lake Mead last year — but not the notorious body in the barrel — have been identified as Claude Pensinger, 52, a Las Vegan who vanished from his boat 25 years ago. No word yet on the manner of his death. [Review-Journal]

Turn on Vic!

Fun fact: If you have a neon sign in the downtown casino zone, it’s supposed to be lit up from an hour before dusk to an hour after dawn. Apparently, the city received some complaints that the iconic Vegas Vic sign was dark all the time. The owners, based in Atlantic City, have been hit with a correction notice. [@CityofLasVegas/Twitter]

You Can Sell Your Homemade Food?

Spend a few minutes learning about the challenges of navigating local “cottage food” laws — which govern the selling of food made in your home — with bakery entrepreneur Brett Boyer of Desert Bread. [City Cast Las Vegas 🎧]

The Best Jokes About Las Vegas, Maybe*

Good for a laugh. (Marcelo Fabian Mollaretti/Getty)

This sounds like a job for artificial intelligence! Alexa, tell me a joke about Las Vegas. “Why did the chef go to Las Vegas? He wanted to whisk it all.” Hmm. Your turn, ChatGPT — what’s your best joke about Las Vegas? “Why did the tomato turn down a trip to Las Vegas? Because it was trying to ketchup on its savings!” (Actual jokes, btw.)

OK, we’ll stick with humans; so we asked a few comedians for their best, and dug up a couple on our own. On a procedural note, I gotta say, once you filter out the jokes about prostitutes, large breasts, and how grocery stores have slots (“a carton of milk cost me $238!”), there are rather few Vegas gags left. Here are some:

😆 “I don’t get a break with nothin’. I joined Gambler’s Anonymous — they gave me 2-to-1 I don’t make it.” — Rodney Dangerfield

😆 “You can get good deals in Vegas. Lots of the shows are 50% off. Last night I saw Teller.” — Mark Cohen, emcee at Comedy Cellar in the Rio

😆 “My favorite thing about Vegas is how everything is more than one thing. ‘Welcome to our restaurant/massage parlor/personal injury law firm. Thanks for coming to our DMV/doctor’s office/church. How can we help you?’” — Lindsay Glazer, comic

😆 Remember, when playing Keno you’re sitting in a multibillion-dollar property in front of a multimillion-dollar computer system, and you’ve got a crayon.” — Barry Friedman, comedian, author

😆 “I went to a dentist in Las Vegas because I had a cavity. He wanted to wait until I had three in a row.” — Rita Rudner, comic

*Hey Las Vegas can’t ensure everyone will find these jokes funny.

Have you heard better ones?
Email them to me at the link below 👇

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Food & Drink

Smashburger, meet world. (Yukon Pizza)

Burgers 🍔 at a 🍕 Pizza Joint?!


Here's City Cast Las Vegas co-host Dayvid Figler dropping some food judgment.

🍔 Friends were raving about the hamburger at the newly opened Yukon Pizza. Chef Justin Ford, who helms the Yukon Outpost within the space, was allegedly putting out one of the most addictive burgers in the city. Immediately, a debate ensued about how impossible, and possibly inappropriate, it is for a place known for its sourdough-crust pies like the Wise Guy (basil, mozzarella, N.Y. sauce, roasted peppers and onions, sausage, provolone) to do great burgers, too. Next step — check it out.

Yukon Pizza nestles in a renovated downtown space near the notorious dive bar Huntridge Tavern. Eavesdropping from the indoor seating reveals the Smashburger has become a major draw. Here are the basics: a super-seasoned patty (or two for the double), cheese, house-made pickles, caramelized onions, and Ford’s Burger Sauce (rich and sassy, it’s akin to, but distinct from, the classic In-N-Out condiment). The thinner, slightly sweet bun absorbs the natural juices without breaking apart. Some days, chef Ford will offer a special version, the "Yukon Ho!," with Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce, bacon, and onion rings.

(Not a meat eater? There are vegetarian and vegan options, too.)

So, does this Smashburger settle the debate over whether a pizza joint can have a great burger? To this lawyer's taste buds, the verdict is “delicious as charged.” It's my go-to lunchtime delight. Every bite is a mix of satisfaction and profound sadness that you're closer to being done.

A fistful of delicious! (Yukon Pizza)

More About Yukon Pizza

What to Do

📚 Neon Lit | Tomorrow | 6 p.m.

UNLV’s graduating MFA writing students put on their last reading of the season. [Cornish Pasty, Arts District, free]

🎤 ‘Violet’ | Tomorrow & Saturday | 7:30 p.m.

A musical by Jeanine Tesori (“Fun Home,” “Shrek”) about a disfigured child who searches for salvation. [UNLV’s Judy Bayley Theatre, $25]

🎉 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con | Friday-Sunday | Various times

Kevin Eastman, creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, leads the guest list at this three-day celebration of comics and pop culture. [Las Vegas Convention Center, $25-$60]

🎤 ‘Lights! Camera! Action! Cinema in Song’ | Sunday | 4 p.m.

The Las Vegas Men’s Chorus continues its 30th anniversary celebration with a show devoted to music from the movies — complete with video projections and a dance line. [UNLV’s Ham Hall, $30, $20 for seniors, students, military]

Today On City Cast Las Vegas

Our daily bread. (Cristina Vianu / 500px via Getty)

Baking Bread and Following Dreams in Vegas

Cottage kitchen laws allow for people to run small food businesses out of their residences. Brett Boyer and his husband, Brendon Wilharbe, started their bakery, Desert Bread, in 2018 — and, despite challenges, they’re still rolling out the dough. Co-Host Vogue Robinson chops it up with Brett about how cottage laws have changed the pastry biz.

Hot Bake

Lastly today, if you like to write and have thoughts on public art, pitch an idea to Dry Heat, a newish publication of UNLV’s Barrick Museum. (They pay!) Deadline is Monday. See you tomorrow!

— Scott Dickensheets

HEY Las Vegas
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