The Son of God Series: Jesus Christ Is The Light

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Light. To have the Light, one must believe right.

Sadly, many people after listening to worldly prosperity messages rush to give their lives believing it is to the Christ who died on the Cross when in reality they are giving it to mammon and other gods of wealth.

Hence they don't have the Light, that is Christ, and their hearts remain dark.

Only those who give their lives to the Christ who died on the Cross and accept His Lordship over their lives have the Light.

But to keep the Light, they must live right. And when they live right, they will pray right with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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The Son of God Series: The Son of God Teaches In Parables

Our Lord taught in parables because He knew the hearts of unregenerate humans...hard and impervious to God's truth.

Though delivered, for various reasons, many believers are unfruitful. 

The broadcast exhorts believers, using the parable of the soils, to repent, abandon worldliness and immerse themselves fully in the word of God--only by living a life that is pleasing to God can a believer be fruitful.

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The Son of God Series: Jesus Christ As The Vine — What It Means

The metaphor of the Vine perfectly illustrates the relationship of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, with His followers.

As branches, believers cannot survive outside of the Vine, which is Jesus Christ.

To abide in the Vine, followers of Christ must yield their individual will to the Lord, the One who purchased and gave them a new life. 

God cuts off unproductive and dead branches, which are those who refused Christ's spiritual food. Dead branches become conduits for doctrines of demons and they are responsible for the great apostasy in the 21st-century Christian world.

Followers of Christ remain productive and connected to the Vine when they feed daily on the cleansing Word of God, witness to win souls and pray constantly for those who have not believed.

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