The Son of God Series: The Great Invitation From The Son of God

Our Lord and Savior has extended an open invitation to every human being.

In that invitation, He asks everyone to surrender all the things that weigh them down—burdens, guilt, weaknesses, worries, fears, etc—to Him. He will bear these burdens for them, no questions asked. In return, He will give them peace and a new life in Him.

Invite Him into your heart today and see if He will not come in to dine with you (Revelation Chapter 3, Verse 20) as He promised.

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The Son of God Series: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Prayed For You

The Son of God's prayer in John Chapter 17 was not just for His followers at the time of His earthly sojourn: He was praying for everyone who would hear His word, believe and obey His commands. 

Believers should walk in the comfort that the Son of God prayed for each and every one of them.

And if you are an unbeliever, repent and embrace the Cross of Christ so that you can become a child of God and a beneficiary of this important prayer.

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The Son of God Series: Jesus Christ, Giver of Eternal Life

When unbelievers meet Jesus Christ, Giver of Eternal Life, at the Cross and give Him their temporal lives in exchange for the down payment of Eternal Life and the right to be called the children of God, they give up their right to be racists, tribalists and classists thereafter.

This broadcast insists that believers must not discriminate and that those who are racists, tribalists and classists must repent and embrace the Cross of Christ anew.

And that trusting the Giver of Eternal life implicitly is the only way for believers to keep what He has deposited in them.

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