The Holy Spirit Series: Consequences of Rebelling Against The Holy Spirit

Most 21st century buildings called churches, denominations and organizations are not built on the foundation laid by Christ and the Apostles.

Christ knew and warned that there would be an insurrection against His Church. He also assured His followers that all the powers of hell would not prevail.

In the early centuries following the death of the Apostles, rebellious elders and insurgents changed the meaning of church, denied the all-sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice, created two classes of Christians, merchandized God's grace and entered into an alliance with the world's rulers.

The consequences of that rebellion against the Holy Spirit continue to this day: sufferings, deaths, wars, earthquakes, plagues, famines, etc.

The broadcast asks believers to do due diligence: Is Christ the foundation of your denomination/church organization?

If He is not, it is time to flee from there, go to God in prayers and do as He tells you.

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The Holy Spirit Series: Church Organizes Without The Holy Spirit

The world was afraid of the early Church led by the Holy Spirit: there were many genuine repentances at the preaching of Christ crucified and resurrected.

Succeeding church generations began to organize without consulting the Holy Spirit: the leaders created hierarchies which put them above their fellow brothers and sisters.

The contest for positions and supremacy led to schisms and the promotion of false doctrines by those seeking to gain a following.

Satan, not one to miss an opportunity, also sent wolves in sheep's clothing into the churches to create even more chaos.

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The Holy Spirit Series: Religious Leaders Fight The Holy Spirit

Jewish religious leaders, custodians and teachers of the Law, hounded, beat, imprisoned and even killed followers of Christ for preaching Christ crucified and resurrected.

Their modern counterparts, Religious Christian leaders, have followed in that tradition of fighting the Holy Spirit and opposing the mission of God using more insidious methods.

They promote a counterfeit gospel: one of glamour and money; a total repudiation of the sufferings of Christ and the all-sufficiency of His sacrifice.

Their hoodwinked followers worship and obey them rather than the Lord who died for them.

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