The Son of God Series: But The Grave Could Not Hold The Son of God

The Son of God took the keys of Hades and death in the grave, rose and revealed Himself to more than 500 persons before ascending into the heavens.

The Jewish religious leaders heard of the extraordinary events leading to the empty tomb from the soldiers who were guarding it. Rather than believing in the resurrected Lord, they bribed the soldiers to lie that His disciples had stolen the body while they slept.

Then and now, false religious leaders, pastors, GOs, bishops, etc have continued to spew lies about the Son of God: they have made Him out to be who He is not in their bid to have power and wealth. 

Many of them, especially those pastors and GOs who sell health and wealth doctrines, continue to deceitfully appropriate the wealth of their gullible followers to fund their lavish lifestyles. 

Some have no qualms taking money from the poorest and the sickest in their communities.

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The Son of God Series: The Son of God Pays The Price For Humanity's Sins

At the time of the Lord's birth, Israel was at the height of apostasy: the High Priest and the Jewish Highest Council conspired to kill Jesus Christ, the Son of God. After a sham trial, the Council handed Him over to the Roman governor, the representative of the highest political power of the period, to be killed. 

In this broadcast, you will see how Satan, fallen followers of Christ and the world changed the narrative of Christ's birth and His mission.

True followers of Christ must decide whether to believe God's word or the false narratives being promoted by leaders of buildings called churches, denominations and church organizations.

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The Son of God Series: Conspiracy and Betrayal

God is looking for those who believe His word, study His word, act on His word and live according to His word.

He is looking for those who love Him and not money—those whose Lord is God and not those whose god is Mammon, the Syrian god of riches.  

Whoever loves Him would not love money and therefore would not betray Him like Judas Iscariot did.

Greedy believers, pastors and GOs who preach worldly prosperity messages and those who love such messages have chosen Mammon over Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

The broadcast pleads with them to repent before it is too late: they are betraying the Lord of their salvation.

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