The Holy Spirit Series: Why Every Follower of Christ Needs Spirit Empowerment

While on earth, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, walked in obedience to His Father, taught and worked miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit.

For His followers to be participants in the Mission of God and to run and win the race to eternal life, they need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit baptism, God's great gift, is free for those followers of Christ who have purposed in their hearts to obey their Lord and Savior unconditionally.

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The Holy Spirit Series: Peter Speaks

Two apostles, Simon also called Peter and Judas Iscariot, represent two types of believers. Peter loved Jesus while Judas loved money.

Judas sold out his Lord because of money just as false pastors and general overseers are selling out their Lord when they collect money from their congregants to fund their lavish styles and working against the gospel with their worldly prosperity messages.

Peter defended his Lord on the night of His arrest. Though he would later deny Him, he repented. 

Empowered by the Holy Spirit on that first Pentecost after the Lord's resurrection, we see and hear a bold Peter declaring the age of the Holy Spirit—God enveloping His children in love and power and leading them through safe pastures as they run the race to eternal life.

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The Holy Spirit Series: The Holy Spirit Empowers Christ's Followers

On that first Pentecost after the Lord's ascension into the heavens, God came into the world to empower Christ's followers and to run His Church.

God knew that human beings would mess up the Church that His Son died for if they were left in Charge.
Therefore, any denomination or building called a church, which is not led and directed by the Holy Spirit, is apostate.

And any follower of Christ who does not have the Holy Spirit indwelling her/him is bound to believe false teachings, satanically-inspired dreams and the lies being disseminated on the internet.

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