The Son of God Series: Conspiracy and Betrayal

God is looking for those who believe His word, study His word, act on His word and live according to His word.

He is looking for those who love Him and not money—those whose Lord is God and not those whose god is Mammon, the Syrian god of riches.  

Whoever loves Him would not love money and therefore would not betray Him like Judas Iscariot did.

Greedy believers, pastors and GOs who preach worldly prosperity messages and those who love such messages have chosen Mammon over Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

The broadcast pleads with them to repent before it is too late: they are betraying the Lord of their salvation.

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The Son of God Series: Jesus Christ—The Way, The Truth and the Life

For centuries, Satan has been raising antichrists to counter this everlasting truth: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the only way to eternal life, the perfect truth and the eternal life.

These antichrists, masquerading as pastors, general overseers, teachers, preachers, etc., have made their followers see the world as good and not evil. They have united with political and religious leaders to promote a vision of a world to rival God's Kingdom.

Many believers have been deceived: rather than looking unto the Lord of their salvation and believing His word, they look to their pastors, general overseers, etc., for guidance.

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The Son of God Series: The Son of God — Servant Leader

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was a Servant leader, during His earthly sojourn.

Servant leaders are humble, selfless, empathetic and kind. Their love is unconditional—they are willing to give their lives to save and or protect their followers.

Believers are called to be servants and those aspiring to be leaders as slaves of Christ's flock.

Unfortunately, what we have today in buildings called churches, organizations and denominations are leaders who act as lords over the flock of Christ.

The broadcast calls on all believers to follow in the steps of the Lord who purchased them with His precious Blood and who has enjoined His followers to be servants and for the leaders to be slaves in His Church.

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