'Making Sheffield Fairer' March Champions Update
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A big sunny March welcome (and thanks) to all those who have signed up recently, we're up to 127 Champions...and counting, which is fantastic!

If you know anyone who's doing great work in Making Sheffield Fairer or would like to get involved, please send them this link so we can celebrate and share their work across the city online.

March Fairness
'Champion Opportunities'

We have some great opportunities for you to get involved with or promote this month (just click on the links for more info):
Volunteer for Sharrow Foodcycle
Role: 3hours a week on Wednesday lunchtimes
Preparing and serving a community meal on made from surplus food.
Pay as you feel. Full training given.

Click here to email Hub Leader Michelle 

Do you or know someone who needs support?
If you have opportunities that our Fairness Champions could help you with or know any organisations that would benefit from some support we can help.
Click here to tell us about the one off / ongoing tasks you have.

Volunteer for the Sheffield Junk Food Project
TRJFP are looking for anyone able to speak to their local shops, supermarket or suppliers and call out food waste every time you see it.
Email them here for more info about how.

'Fairer' Updates

Please feel free to share and help us champion Fairness

Fairness on the 83

During 2013, an independent report about fairness and inequality in Sheffield found that average life expectancy falls by 7.5years for men and almost 10 years for women from the south of the city to the north.
The Fairness on the 83 film project traces the 83 bus on its journey across the city, engaging people in discussion about inequality in their city, encouraging debate and exploring what can be done to make Sheffield a fairer, less divided city.
Click here to read and watch the video interviews along the 83 route.

Toxic Workplaces Will Persist As Long As Fairness Is Just A Matter Of ‘Compliance’

Workplaces will be toxic as long as employers frame harassment as a business matter and a legal obligation, rather than a moral issue.
Click here to read... #FairerWork

How one woman is winning the fight against food waste

By targeting the supermarkets in Demark Selina Juul has almost single handedly reduced food waste in Denmark by 25% in 5 years.
Click here for video...  #FairerFood

Want utopia? Start with universal basic income and
a 15-hour work week

A great deal has been written in recent years about the perils of automation. With predicted mass unemployment, declining wages, and increasing inequality, clearly we should all be afraid....but UBI is achievable says Rutger Bregman, author of Dutch bestseller Utopia for Realists "from the end of slavery to democracy to equal rights for men and women – was once a utopian fantasy too".
Click here to read... #FairerWork

10 apps tackling food
waste around the world

Around the world, dozens of apps are diverting perfectly good food away from bins and into rumbling stomachs.
From redistributing leftovers to the poor in India to luring Dutch shoppers into supermarkets to buy lingering produce, app designers are finding ways to stem the flow of food to landfill.
Click here to read... #FairerFood

Championing 'Making Sheffield Fairer'

The best way to help make Sheffield Fairer is to facilitate change by example, showing people that through the power of small actions, we really can build a fairer and better city.
To move Sheffield towards being a fairer city, we want ‘Champions’ - people who will commit to doing a specific action or are already doing great work to help and support others.
We are connecting with and searching for projects, initiatives and organisations who are working to Make Sheffield Fairer, so that we can give our Champions one off 'Task' and more regular 'Time' based opportunities that they can get involved with.
We also want to hear from all the people already making a difference, sign them up as Champions, showcase what they're doing and start finding ways that we can help them.
Anyone who lives, works, studies or does business in Sheffield can become a Fairness Champion, just click here.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and efforts,

Jonny, the OPUS and Our Fair City Teams
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