'Making Sheffield Fairer' Champions Update
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Hi <<First Name>>,

We thought we'd send through a brief update on our progress so far.

The #FairerFood campaign has been going well and the 'Fight for Fairer Food' debate event on Friday November the 18th brought more really important elements of the issue to light.

We've used this first campaign to work out the model upon which we'll be basing the other campaigns; all centered around the 'power of small actions' and the difference they can make. Having now got control of all the digital assets (domain, website, email, etc) we are working on changing these to support the new 'Making Sheffield Fairer' focus, so...

Our First ask

If you have any opportunities that could help you or know any organisations that would benefit from some help (one off / ongoing tasks) can you let us know what and when they are so we can send them out to our Champions?

The Second ask

Please join our new Facebook Group to keep up to date and help share 'n' spread the word.

You can also keep in touch on Twitter... hopefully we're following you, if not do let us know and we will?

And our final, Third ask

Can you help sign one other person up as a Champion in December...

We've written this for you (and provided some cut and paste text below) to make it as easy as possible:

Why become a 'Making Sheffield Fairer' Champion?

The best way to help make Sheffield Fairer is to facilitate change by example, showing people that through the power of small actions, we really can build a fairer and better city.
To move Sheffield towards being a fairer city, we want ‘Champions’ - people who will commit to doing a specific action or are already doing great work to help and support others.
We are currently connecting with and building a database of projects, initiatives and organisations who are working to Make Sheffield Fairer, so that we can give our Champions 'one off' Task and more regular Time based opportunities that they can commit to. 
We also want to hear from all the people already making a difference, sign them up as Champions, showcase what they're doing and start finding ways that we can help them.
Anyone who lives, works, studies or does business in Sheffield can become a Fairness Champion…you can sign up here
Your 'Copy and Paste' Options

If you're on Twitter you could Tweet friends / colleagues: 

" Hi @TwitterHandle you can join me in Championing ‘Making Sheffield Fairer’ by signing up here #FairerSheffield "

Or send an email:

Sheffield is on a quest to become the fairest city in Britain.

To start addressing some of the issues raised in the 2013 Fairness Commission Report, the Council has been running an 'Our Fair City' campaign.

Over the next twelve months the newly appointed OPUS Independents are going to be refocusing the work that has been done to date to ‘Making Sheffield Fairer’; running four campaigns around - Fairer Food, Fairer Money, Fairer Work and Fairer Futures - initiating as many actions and as much ‘doing’ as possible, in order to start making as many small changes as possible all of which will add up to make a real difference in our communities and neighbourhoods across Sheffield.

I'm already signed up as a Champion and you can sign up to be one too by clicking here.

It's really straight forward and only takes 30 seconds.

Together we really can start making a difference.

Or any other means by which you'd like to contact people...all would be very much appreciated.

The link to sign up is

Many thanks again,

Jonny, the OPUS and Our Fair City Teams
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