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"Your illness doesn't define you;
your strength and courage does"

Mental Health First Aid Guidelines for carers:

All MHFA guidelines:
Christmas is a challenging time for many people.
If you know someone who struggles over this time
you could support by empathising with how they
feel and validating their feelings. Some people
actually tell people they "should" feel happy because
it is Christmas or "don't overthink things". This
sounds invalidating and can just make the person
feel not heard and worse. You can also ask
them how they can best get through the season.
"What sort of self care can you do at this time?"
"What has worked in the past?"
"Are there any early warning signs before you get unwell or go into crisis?
(Note: not everyone will use language such as "unwell" so tailor it to the individual
perhaps you could say "really start to struggle in a serious way" instead of
"unwell" not everyone likes to have their struggles medicalised.)
"What can you and others do if they see these signs?"
"What supports can you reach out to?
"Do you know of any helplines that you can call for support?"
If they don't already know the numbers you could google together
to look for some helplines. Let them know of ones they
may not have heard off such as NSW Mental Health Line
1800 011 511, Mensline, The Suicide Callback Service,
Beyond Blue line and the DV line.
Perhaps you and the person could save these numbers into
your phones.
Many counsellors,  psychologists and psychiatrists
take annual leave over summer. If this is the case
it might be wise for them to make a plan with their
health professional on what they can do to care for
themselves over this period. Also who they can reach
out to both personal and helplines. All the 24 hour
helplines will be in operation over the period.
although they may be busy at this time. When
I worked in community mental health it was the busiest
time of year and often people got unwell.
They may even want to talk to their GP and find out
if the GP has any ideas and also to find out if the GP
will be working over the holiday period and recommend
what the person can do if the GP is away.
I think it is important to acknowledge to people
that it is okay to feel whatever you happen to feel.
You don't have to feel a certain way because it is Christmas.
Also you can choose how you decide to celebrate or not celebrate.
A person could learn assertive communication skills to
respond to family members. To set boundaries. It is okay if
people need to avoid family that abuse them. If people decide to
be around family who can be unkind maybe it could be looking
at their thinking is in response to that. If they think "I am a bad person"
when their family criticise. What is a more helpful thought for them?
E.g. they might decide "It's more about them than about me" is
a more helpful thought to get them through the season. Ask them
if they have already worked out strategies with their psychologist on
how to think about and respond to criticism or other stressful
interpersonal events.
Finacially this time is hard for some.
You can find a finacial counsellor here:
Options for people who wish to celebrate and
don't have  family are to volunteer on
Christmas day or to have an orphans xmas party.
Of course the Christmas period may also be positive
for some people with a mental illness. For some it is mixed feelings. It can
be challenging, mixed or positive time for people without
a mental illness as well. So look out for your colleagues, friends
and family at this time.
Four-hour Refresher Course
By completing this course you can update your accreditation for another three years.

what others have said
The refresher course was engaging, informative and exactly what I needed. Fiona is a great facilitator with an excellent presentation style and made me feel welcome to share and comfortable to speak up
Translation: "Student" in simplified Chinese characters
Pinyin:  Xue Sheng    Pronunciation: shway sheng

Multicultural & International Student Support Services

Beijing Crisis Line 

Calling from Sydney call 0011 86 10 8295 13332


Suicide Line India


eHeadspace - online group chat for international students


Transcultural Mental Health Service


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Psychosis Guidelines in Asian Countries


Multicultural Problem Gambling Service


Translating Interpreting Service


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Lifeline tries to reach out to the Chinese community


Chinese Lifeline Feasibility Study

Thank you so much for your support in 2019
In 2019 we taught 310 people Mental Health First Aid!
We did 17 courses at workplaces
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Thank so much for telling your friends and colleagues about the course
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I really appreciate your support in 2019
I hope we cross paths again
It was fantastic meeting so many lovely people in 2019
Thanks for making the classes so enjoyable and for being so lovely to me!


Mental Health First Aid Course Dates 
Thursday and Friday 5th and 6th of December
Instructor: Christine Elliott


January 2020 Courses
Thursday and Friday 9th and 10th of January
Instructor: Fiona Price
Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th of January

Instructor: Christine Elliott

Thanks for reading my newsletter.
Remember to do lots of self-care and get help if you need it.

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Useful numbers and supports:
NSW Mental Health Line 1800 011 511
Lifeline. 13 11 14
Beyond Blue Line 1300 22 3646
Blue Knot Foundation  1300 657 380
Suicide Call back service 1300 659 467
The Gender Centre 9569 2366
Q Life 1800 184 527
Transcultural Mental Health
Emergency Services 000

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