Here’s an update on issues of concern to our Parkland Supporters since my last update on February 1st.
Poll on PVHA Election
The recent election held for the Directors of the Palos Verdes Homes Association at the PVHA Annual Meeting on January 10, 2017 fell short of generating a necessary quorum. According to the accounting firm hired by the PVHA, only 1589 out of 5420 homes voted. Based on the lack of a quorum, the existing PVHA Board of Directors decided to re-appointed themselves to serve another year and chose not to open and count the ballots. It has now been eight (8) years since there was a valid election; three (3) of the five (5) directors have never been elected.
John Harbison wrote a Guest Commentary in the Peninsula News on January 26th, 2017, asking the PVHA to extend the election, mail new ballots, and seek judicial intervention to lower the quorum threshold from 50% -- thus bringing back a democratically elected leadership to PVHA (click here). The PVHA Board countered with a Guest Commentary in the February 2nd edition, declaring that the vast majority of those not voting had done so out of support for the current Board (click here).  The PVHA Board voted on January 24th [3 (Fountain, Frengs, Swets) to 2 (Cozen, Hoffman)] not to take any further action in this election.
This poll is intended to shed some light on PVE homeowners' sentiment on the matter since the PVHA has refused to 1) open the ballots received and 2) disclose to the public how those who voted cast their votes.
All responses will be kept confidential and the results will be published for the public and the PVHA to see at The survey takes a few minutes and can be found here.
Petition for “Values and Philosophy”
The Palos Verdes Residents for Responsible Government (PVRRG) was formed to 1) help inform our community on topics of local interest and 2) provide information on what our elected representatives have said about those issues and how they have voted.
Members of PVRRG have developed a “Values and Philosophy Platform” they would like to see elected representatives in Palos Verdes Estates embrace; this platform focuses on the following five pillars:

More details on the five pillars can be found here. If you agree with these principles, please sign the petition found here, and return it by email to or fax to (310) 349-3381.
Vote in Election March 7th
Please, don’t forget to vote in the upcoming Election on March 7th – either in person or by absentee ballot.  Two new candidates (Sandy Davidson and Kenny Kao) are running against three-term incumbent Jim Goodhart for two City Councilmember seats, and a new candidate (Victoria Lozzi) is running against Councilmember John Rea for PVE Treasurer. Former Mayor Jim Nyman also submitted his name for Treasurer, but he pulled out of the race and has endorsed Victoria Lozzi. In addition, Measure D is on the ballot to renew the Parcel Tax (aka Fire Tax) for another 12 years. If you are not happy with recent decisions made by our elected officials, this is your opportunity to vote for change. Davidson, Kao and Lozzi have all expressed support of Parklands and regret for the City’s decision to sell parkland in 2012 and appeal the CEPC ruling in 2015; Davidson and Lozzi have been unconditional in their support of Parklands, and Kao has expressed support (for Parklands) with some reservations (with regard to the appeal). Goodhart and Rea both voted for the sale in 2012 and for the appeal.
CEPC Panorama Parklands Appeal
The appeals process continues to drag along. We are preparing our rebuttal (due March 20th) to the defendants’ Appellate Opening Brief, and we will continue to post documents on the website. Based on the current timeline (which includes another rebuttal from each side and then a hearing), a decision is not expected until late in 2017 or early in 2018. Some of you have asked what happens if the appeal is won or lost – for a discussion of that topic, click here.
Save Our Parkland and Preserve our Home Values – Vote for Change at PVE City Council
All the best,

John Harbison
(310) 739-1838
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