This year, for the first time the official ballot of the Palos Verdes Homes Association listed eight candidates for five Director positions. Come to the annual meeting tonight and find out the results of this contested election. It is at 8 pm in PVE City Hall Council Chamber at 340 Palos Verdes Drive West.
If a quorum of 50% plus 1 voted, you’ll find out who won.
If a quorum is not reached, we should find out what the PVHA plans to do next:
  • Will they extend the election “day to day” until a quorum is reached, as required in their by-laws, or will they ignore their by-laws and vote themselves in for another year as they have said they’ll do?
  • Will they provide a way for members to check if their mailed ballots were received and counted?  There are concerns due to the errors made by PVHA in the address on the prepaid mailing envelope.
  • Will they petition a judge to lower the threshold for elections below the current 50% in order to promote democratic representation (the last time a quorum was reached was 2009)? Other HOAs have done this quickly and at low cost.
  • If they extend the election, will they send new ballots to members that did not yet vote?
  • Will they count the ballots received and disclose that to the public?  The public has a right to know, yet the Board has said they won’t count the ballots unless a quorum is reached.  We’ve suggested they ask for volunteers to do the counting under the supervision of the PVHA but they have ignored our suggestion.
You’ll also find out if the incumbents followed their own rules and obtained the 100 signatures required by PVHA’s Resolution #177. If they didn’t, then they should be disqualified.
There may also be some questions about why the process was designed this year with many changes that have had the effect of reducing the likelihood of achieving a quorum.
  • Sending one mailing not three as in some previous years
  • Refusing to accept ballots returned by fax, email, hand delivery to PVHA, as well as by bringing the ballot to the annual meeting – all of which were allowed in previous years
  • Establishing a difficult process to acquire signatures - 100 with affidavits and notary required (PVE City Council nominations are 30 signatures and no affidavit/notary required)
  • Allowing address errors on the envelope
  • Closing the office Dec 23 to Jan 4 effectively making it impossible to get a replacement ballot after Dec 23rd
  • Failing to list a return address on their original mailed envelope and using the returns to update the PVHA address database. Many people claimed they never received a ballot and others have received ballots for homes/condos sold many years ago.
  • Sending ballots out on 11/21 (just before Thanksgiving) -- thus increasing the likelihood they might go unnoticed
If you are curious about the explanations that the PVHA will give on topics such as those above, please come to the meeting. You can come as an observer, or if there are questions you’d like to ask yourself, each member will be given up to 3 minutes to address the Board. AND, if you still have a ballot that wasn’t mailed, please bring it with you and try to hand it in.
Come tell the PVHA Board what you think they are doing well, and what they should do differently. This is your chance to be heard.

About ROBE (Residents for Open Board Elections)
We are a group of concerned residents that includes six former PVE Mayors and two former PVHA Directors. Bios of our candidates and names of our Steering Committee are on our website at
Save Our Parkland and Preserve our Home Values – Vote for Change at PVHA
All the best,

John Harbison
(310) 739-1838
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