Newsletter Nr. 22/2019

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0b649bfa-1538-447a-a2f8-2420906e9883.gifSarajevo 2.0

Of Sarajevo, Andrea Di Biagio brings out the colours and the shadows. And the fact that many tourists visit the places that still bear the memory of the tragic 90s



Forests of Europe: a stormy future?

Marco Ranocchiari

A year after the largest storm in Italy’s living memory, we try to measure its impact. This was no isolated incident – European forests are being hit more violently than ever

Croatia and Italy, the chilling effect of strategic lawsuits

Paola Rosà ,  Claudia Pierobon

Forced to waste time, energy, and money to defend themselves against lawsuits that are unfounded in almost 90% of cases, journalists in Italy and Croatia are well aware of the SLAPP phenomenon (strategic lawsuit against public participation). Expert talks in Europe and a promising journalist's bill in Italy

Serbia: who profits from arms sales?

Antonela Riha

In the arms trafficking scandal recently exposed in Serbia, a state-owned company was allegedly damaged to the advantage of a private company that involved the father of the Minister of the Interior. The whistleblower ended up in jail

French "no" to UE negotiations causes early elections in North Macedonia

Ilcho Cvetanoski

North Macedonia remains at the EU's door again, this time because of France's opposition. Disappointed with the "Macron" vote, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev tries to run for cover by calling for early elections

Budgets and donations, the great transparency bluff


The current rules to make political funding more transparent do not work. Unusable data and inaccessible information make transparency a bluff. From OpenPolis, a proposal on how to solve the problem

Croatia: retirement without peace

Ana Kuzmanić ,  Ivana Perić

More than 11,000 retired Croatian are still working. Some of them seek a more active life, but the majority lives on the brink of poverty without any other option other than to keep working – a problem in common with many other European countries

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