July 2017 Newsletter
The Board of Directors has moved the August monthly meeting to August 9.  The meeting will be at the regular location at Windermere Preparatory School in the dining room at the usually scheduled time.  That will consist of the regular monthly meeting as well as a Special Meeting to address issues with the community documents and implementing some changes that are needed to help the association run more efficiently as well as clearing up some contradictory information.  Last month the board mailed a Proxy vote to every property owner with a stamped self-addressed envelope.  The community documents require a set percentage of the community to participate to be a valid vote.  If you have not received this correspondence from Leland Management, please contact them at 407-233-3520 and ask for Jill Rygh.  Verify that they have the correct contact information for you.  Click here to navigate your browser to the community website that has the documents for to review.  A complete description of the items that will are being addressed at the meeting is on this page.  If you have already submitted that paperwork back to the association, Thank You.  If you have not yet sent this, please take a few minutes to complete the form and mail it back to the association.  Please read the information that accompanied this proxy form.  Please submit the proxy even if you plan to attend the meeting.  If you attend the meeting, you will be given your proxy back, and you can cast your vote in person.  This form will only be applied if you are not able to attend the meeting. 

Just How Important Is It That You Attend A Board Meeting?

If you've never attended a Board of Directors meeting, then you are not taking advantage of your right to observe and participate in the decision-making process that protects, preserves and enhances your community's assets and, ultimately, your property values.

If you realized what kind of business is handled at a Board meeting, and the important role that you, as a homeowner, play in making those decisions, then you just might change your mind and chose to attend a meeting.

Most of the business decisions made at a board meeting have a direct impact on the property values of our community. Decisions regarding association maintenance items are the most common. Some decisions have an indirect effect, such as decisions regarding rules and regulations and financial operations. But whether they influence property values directly or indirectly they all have some impact on our community, and as a member of the community, they affect you.

There are three different phases of a Board meeting. The Business Meeting, at which the board discusses and makes decisions based on a pre-established meeting agenda. The Homeowners Open Forum, where homeowners (like you!) can address the Board with your ideas, comments and/or suggestions pertaining to our community, and the Executive Session, which is conducted without homeowners present in order to discuss issues related to legal issues, personnel issues and/or non-compliance hearings.

Homeowners can attend the Business Meeting, but they are not allowed to speak to the Board during this portion of the Board meeting. Homeowners are encouraged to attend in order to observe only.

During the Homeowners Open Forum, homeowners are permitted to address the Board for a limited time period. An important point to remember is that although important issues may be brought to the Boards attention during Open Forum, don't expect the Board to act on these issues at this time. Many issues are turned over to management for research and to determine the options available for dealing with the issues. The more prepared the Board is before making a decision, the better the decision will be.

Homeowners are not allowed to attend the Executive Session. Sensitive legal, personnel and/or hearing issues are dealt with during Executive Session.

The Florida Legislature has recognized the importance of providing homeowners with the opportunity to their community by passing legislation requiring homeowners be given a period of time to address the Board at the regularly scheduled Board meeting. Isn't it time you recognized how important it is too! 

Making Any Changes?
Don't Forget To Obtain Approval First!

Our governing documents require that the Association approves all proposed architectural changes before any work is commenced. The importance of this requirement cannot be overstated when you consider the reason for such a restriction.

Membership in a community association requires compliance with pre-existing conditions and regulations. One of the biggest advantages of these requirements is the protection of our property values. The value of your home is directly related to the condition, appearances, and aesthetics of our community as a whole. By regulating the kind and types of changes that can be performed, our Association is better able to maintain our property values.

Getting our Association to approve all proposed changes is not just a good idea to protect your investment, it is a requirement! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Association Manager.

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Having a goal that really excites you is the first step to setting up an exercise program. You may want to be 10 pounds lighter by the next school reunion.  You may want to have more muscle tone in the dress you will be wearing at your daughter’s wedding.   You may want to quit smoking or drinking or eating fried food, or you may want to compare your athletic skills with what you could do in school. You have to have a goal that makes you want to take the next step.

Once you have your personal goal in mind, you need a reasonable timeline in which to achieve the goal. Let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds in six months. You can do that with a good exercise program and a good diet.

Let’s start with the execution of the program. Think about what you enjoy doing. If you like to be outside you can ride a bike, hike, walk, run on our community track.  You could swim, practice your putting on our new putting green, play tennis or basketball on the new courts that the board is adding to the community this year. There are endless possibilities. Include some of the fun activities that you enjoy and then try some new stuff. If you prefer to be inside, join a gym with a friend who can work out on the same days and at the same time that you do. Hire a trainer if you don’t have a workout buddy.

If you decide to run, you can run even if it is new to you. You could walk a mile three times the first week, two miles the second week, run a mile and walk a mile three times the next week and by the fourth week you could run and walk two to three miles three times a week. If this holds your interest, you could add some short bursts of speed one day; you could even sign up for a 5k two months from the start of your program. In six to nine months you could run a marathon if you wanted to go that far.

It helps to have a friend to workout alongside you. It keeps you both accountable, and it’s fun. Find someone that has a comparable schedule or similar child care issues. It helps to recognize what time of the day you enjoy working out and find someone that can work out at the same time.  If you feel compelled, you could organize a community group in the discipline that you enjoy.  This organizing role will help keep you engaged and improve your understanding of the process you are undertaking.  That helps keep you on track and involved in the community as well as bringing residents closer together.

BOD Meeting
July 25, 2017
6:30pm at Windermere Prep School
Dining Room - C1

August 9, 2017
6:30pm at Windermere Prep School
Dining Room - C1

ARB Meeting
July 25, 2017
5:00pm at Windermere Prep School
Conference Room - D1
Community Garage Sale
Future events will be shared here.
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