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The Chicago Mothman

The Mothman is back in the news in a significant way for the first time since the infamous rash sightings in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966 & '67 that resulted in the Silver Bridge disaster that claimed 46 lives (pictured right).  Researcher Allison Journlin of Milwaukee Ghosts has taken it upon herself to visit dozens of the sites associated with the recent sightings around Chicago.  You can find videos from Allison on location, here.  To date, there have been almost 50 sightings around Chicago this year alone.  Is it a case of mass hysteria, a wide-spread, publicity-seeking hoax or something mysterious and legit?  Only time will tell and we can only hope that the end of these sightings won't be marked by a tragedy such as the one witnessed on the Ohio River just before the Christmas of 1967

Wendy Lynn Staats of the See You on the Other Side Podcast and I visited the site of the historic Point Pleasant, WV hauntings (pictures below and videos after the break).

Pennywise & Killer Clowns!

It's been about a year since the last rash of strange clown sightings, which had to have helped the studios finally bring "It" back to the big screen.  The remake has been stuck in production hell for over a decade by some accounts and you have to imagine that the clown hysteria last fall made this film topical again.  However, fear of "killer clowns" goes well beyond Stephen King's story.  Check out the podcast links below to hear a review I did of the recent film on "Page 2 Screen" and an entertaining look back at "Clown Lore" from "See You on the Other Side."


And I don't think I've seen any productions cover the topic like the documentary "Killer Legends."  Here's a direct link to the section in question.  Truth be told, the YouTube link I just linked to is likely unofficial and the video might get pulled.  The full documentary can be found on Netflix.  Here's the trailer.
View the video links below to see the "Mothman Prophecies" episode Wendy & recently filmed.  We compare the truth versus the fiction of the film and compare it all to our experiences in visiting the actual sites.

A Ghost Hunter Watches "Mothman Prophecies" (Part 1 of 2)

A Ghost Hunter Watches "Mothman Prophecies" (Part 2 of 2)

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