The history of the haunted Mineola Hotel & a call of great haunted sites in Southern California.
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Dead of Winter Conference

At the end of January I was honored to be invited to take part in Chicago Haunting’s 6th annual Dead of Winter event. The weekend-long paranormal & psychic conference was held in the northern rural town of Harvard, Illinois, a stone’s throw from the Wisconsin border and from the iconic Woodstock square, home of the haunted Woodstock Opera House and the backdrop for the classic comedy “Groundhog Day.”

The festivities kicked off with an evening tour of some of the more historic and haunted sites around northern Illinois, which I was invited to co-host along with author Ursula Bielski and archeologist Dan Melone.

Highlights from the tour have to include going to the Mineola Resort and the Stickney House (which we covered in our first newsletter, viewable here). It’s always fun to take people to haunted place to be able to tell the history and legends of a place while on site. It’s even more important to take people to places like this when they are endangered.

There is perhaps no historic location in the US more endangered than the Minneola. The building, constructed in 1884 is the largest surviving wood frame structure in Illinois. While the site is constantly associated with Al Capone as he visited the site on numerous occasions in the ‘20s, it was already an uproarious location decades earlier, around the turn of the century.

As Chicago was trying to clean up the vice-riddled levee district, Fox Lake became the lawless frontier. Nearly all of the resorts were stocked with slot machines (the Mineola didn't lose theirs until a raid in 1952) and you just know there was little to no enforcement of prohibition laws. According to a Chicago Tribune article (cited here), the Mineola was the “most vicious resort” in this burg of depravity. One can only imagine the stories and characters surrounding the long past of this site.

Can you imagine the residual energy left behind from a place like this? What phantom sounds and echoes through time are continuing to clutter up the massive structure?

1930 saw the Fox Lake massacre unfold ... (click here to continue reading)


Archeologist Dan Melone and author Ursula Bielski.

Me speaking at the Dead of Winter Conference.

Dan with Allison Jornlin of Milwaukee Ghosts ( attempting a psychic experiment.

Posing with Wendy Lynn Staats of the "See You on the Other Side" podcast.

A view looking down on the historic site from a drone.

Some tarps and signs of construction are visible on the porch.  Hopefully these are early indications of re-building and not a tear-down.

Find additional stills from the drone shoot below.
Podcasts Double Feature!
A Review and the real legend behind the recent Hollywood release, "The Bye Bye Man," taking place around Madison, WI.
Host Jeff York welcomed Scott Markus on his show as not only a paranormal guru, but also a part of the International Screenwriters' Association to talk about the script and execution for "The Bye Bye Man."  Listen to the podcast here.
Madison-based rockers and paranormal enthusiasts Mike Huberty and Wendy Lynn Staats welcomed Robert Damon Schneck to their outstanding weekly show.  He's the author of the book that lead to the movie.  Click here to hear the true horrifying story that unfolded in Wisconsin in 1995.
Do you know an interesting haunted place to investigate in Southern California?

Seeking Location to Investigate in So. Cal

Hello!  I’ve been traveling a lot and am in the process of getting some videos ready to share with you.  First though, I need your help.  I’m calling on you, ghost story fans to help me find the perfect location to do an extensive investigation on with a small group of people.  Some of them are people you’ve seen in my videos before, some are brand new additions.

We’ll be filming in the Los Angeles area, but if LA and Hollywood are one thing, they are crowded!  If they’re something else, they’re loud!  So, I’m looking to find a location outside of the heart of LA.  A place we could get permission to have the run of the place.  It would be a single night overnight investigation.  I’m looking for a place that is actively and heavily haunted.  It doesn’t have to be a place where people see full apparitions or a place where people get physically confronted, though those would be okay for me too…. Sorry team, but just a place where the activity seems to be interesting and ongoing.  If you have a personal experience there, we might be able to get you even more involved with the project, if you’d like.

Above is a rough map showing where I’m looking.  The red locations are potentially good target areas where the blue area is likely locations I’d avoid due to the location being too congested.  So, I’m looking at a pretty big area.  From Hidden Hills to Rancho Cucamonga, from the massive Angeles National Forest to further south than this map shows, really.

It can be a private residence, a public place, a company.... Click here to keep reading this article on our web site.

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