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Little Known Haunted So. Cal!

Yes, we know you've heard about the Winchester Mystery House, Linda Vista Hospital, The RMS Queen Mary and San Diego's Whaley House.  However, I always get the most enjoyment finding lesser known haunted sites.  Below, find write-ups of two unique sites and make sure you stay up-to-date on more locations on, on Instagram at @whatsyourghoststory and keep up with our latest videos on YouTube.

Before jumping into that, I'm completely fascinated by the mysterious death of Thelma Todd.  Fortunately, one of the last places she ever visited in life, her very own sidewalk cafe in the Pacific Palisades, is being saved!  This is especially great news as there have been reports of Todd's ghost still inhabiting the building (Definitely drop me a line if you've encountered Todd's ghost).  It's undergoing a beautiful renovation from new owners at a time there was fear that the building would be demolished.  Hopefully this will result in some future paranormal headlines!

Glendale, California's Brand Park & Cemetery

You’ve gotta love a mountain hike that leads to a mostly hidden cemetery! Glendale, CA’s “first family,” the Brands, started a pet cemetery that they themselves began laying themselves to rest in. The nearby family home, library and this cemetery all claim some level of paranormal activity. There are reports of occult activity at the cemetery, though that’s always a red flag for urban legends to me.

Oddly enough, the modern history of this area dates back to the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago where Missouri realtor Leslie Brand and his wife visited and were immediately taken by the East India Pavilion.

Just a year later he purchased the small community of Glendale (click on the map image to the right to open the GoogleMap of the location) with hopes of further developing the community and also crafting his perfect, East India-inspired family home.  The home, situated at the base of the Verdugo Mountains was named “The Lookout” in Indian, or Miradero.  Interestingly, the land he purchased is still outlined and named “Miradero” on GoogleMaps.

The East Indian style home, nicknamed “The Castle,” built in 1904 quickly became the social hot spot of Glendale.  When Leslie died in 1925, he donated much of the Miradero land to the city of Glendale, specifically to be used as a library and park.  This library was finally opened some 31 years later and continues to operate to this day.  The park, with baseball diamonds, is in heavy use.

Sadly, like all too many possibly haunted cemeteries, this one has a history of desecration.  Single graves were unearthed on separate occasions with bones of the deceased being scattered about the grounds and skulls stolen.  One of the skulls belonged to... (continue reading here)

I run down what I've got coming up, notably moderating a panel at Midsummer Scream ( about the CLASSIC Nickelodeon horror anthology show "Are You Afraid of the Dark," with friend and show creator DJ MacHale.  

Party Crashing Ghosts in Glendora, CA's Bennett House

Glendora’s Bennett House
, built in 1905, was purchased by the Daughters of the American Revolution and they found out quickly (during their very first monthly tea party meeting) that they weren’t alone in the home. The visage of a phantom man crashed the party before vanishing.  Occupants also talked about hearing sounds of objects moving, but not seeing anything out of the ordinary happening; this seems to be a common residual-type haunting.  (continue reading here)
Sunspot is a great rock band that does original music about the paranormal and (usually geeky) pop culture.  Check out the video above for an outstanding song about Leonard Nimoy!  The video was fun project I created for myself on Make Music Day.  Check out a blog post I did on that adventure here.
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