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Halloween Continues!
If you're on this mailing list, you're probably also not ready to say goodbye to Halloween 2019.  Well, you're in luck!  We've got enough scary stories to keep you happy until the next newsletter comes out!  In this newsletter, we...
  • Debut a brand new podcast, The Fantastic Storytellers Society, a show that celebrates the best macabre storytellers.  We're excited to have launched with some impressive guests & we'll go through our episodes in this newsletter.
  • The next paranormal conference you need to clear your calendar for is May 15 & 16, The Haunted Galena Conference.
  • Are you interested in searching for Bigfoot?  There's a new documentary you need to know about!
  • A photo gallery of all sorts of Halloween & Day of the Dead fun!
For the longest time I've been interested in bringing something to the podcasting world.  It's been years since Dobie Maxwell and I hosted a weekly 4-hour paranormal radio show on AM-1050 WLIP, which was always an absolute blast.  However, how do you carve out your own paranormal podcast niche when there are already amazing shows out there like "See You on the Other Side," "New England Legends" and "Lore?"  Partnering with one of my best friends and co-workers at the International Screenwriters' Association, we decided to look at the storytellers who make up the paranormal community and take a behind-the-scenes look at the art of crafting scary stories.  The show is a constant balancing act between talking about the craft of storytelling/writing while also telling some intriguing stories.  To start, however, we decided that our pilot episode should discuss our own stories.  Max & I talk about how own histories of being storytellers who love ghost stories and history.  Listen to our pilot episode by clicking here or on the logo.
Episode 1 of The Fantastic Story Society features a conversation with folklorist and storyteller, Jeff Belanger.  His most high profile work is as lead researcher on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, but Jeff has created a number of works on his own including several books, the web series "30 Odd Minutes" and his current podcast series "New England Legends," which is celebrating over 100 weekly episodes.  Jeff dives into his passion for writing and storytelling
Our Fantastic Story: A crazy story of a man in a bunnysuit is the stuff of urban legend today, but the legend of The Bunnyman of Virginia comes from true stories.
Jeff's Fantastic Story: The Founder of Rhode Island was eaten by an apple tree.  Link
We talk with Mike Huberty, who not only co-hosts the "See You on the Other Side" podcast and performs with the rock group Sunspot, who creates music based on ghost stories, but has also launched a multi-city haunted tour company.  We dive into his origin story as a ghost story junkie and the lessons he learned setting up tours in cities across the midwest.
Our Fantastic Story: The Holly Mont House in Hollywood features moving, vanishing and appearing objects unlike anything we've ever heard of.
Mike's Fantastic Story: A Phantom woman in black near the shore of Lake Geneva has the power to lure people away from their friends while also erasing the memories.  Link
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Finding Jay Bigfoot documentary ad
Galena Illinois paranormal conference
Twisted tales are normally fictional, but when we find out that there is truth behind the fiction, we're that much more riveted. Join Max and Scott as they discuss serial killers including Belle Gunness and Ed Gein with research expert and 40+ time author, Harold Schechter.
Our Fantastic Story: Max & Scott recount their tour of famous Black Dahlia locations across Los Angeles and Hollywood.
Harold's Fantastic Story: Let's just say Albert Fish was a bit of a weirdo and just leave it at that for now.  Link
Karl Pfeiffer's popular Amazon TV docu-series, Hellier, documents the accounts of small, goblin-like creatures that supposedly invaded a small Kentucky mountain town. You can find out more at  His paranormal interest run back into childhood, even appearing on "Ghost Hunters Academy" and serving as the resident ghost hunter at the famed Stanley Hotel along the way.
Our Fantastic Story: Scott talks about exploring the Gate in Libertyville, IL, looking for child ghosts while Max tells a funny story involving getting in over his head while exploring haunted St. Killian's Church in Lake Geneva, WI.
Karl's Fantastic Story: While at the Stanley Hotel, Karl experienced a run-in with an inhuman, eyeless, entity.  Link
In our Halloween special episode, Max and Scott bring on writer, director, author, documentarian, and all-around rockstar paranormal researcher, Christopher Saint Booth. With over 100 productions, including paranormal documentaries under his belt, Christopher has spent nearly a lifetime investigating the weird, the odd and the fantastic, while trying to tell the story for those who can no longer tell their own.
Our Fantastic Story: Scott talks about his first visit and accompanying paranormal experience at LA's Linda Vista Hospital, one of the most haunted locations in America.
Chris's Fantastic Story: Ghost hunting equipment picks up on energy, but it's not always from the deceased.  One paranormal investigation resulted in a call to the police to report an active, ongoing crime.  Link
Captions, top left to bottom right.
1) Grant Wilson (Ghost Hunters) & I staying warm and being goofy at the Mabel Tainter Paranomicaon in Menomonie, WI

2) Taking a break during the Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY with Wendy Lynn Staats & Mike Huberty of "See You on the Other Side" podcast, visiting the Troll Pub (fittingly located under a bridge).

3) The actual exorcism kit used in the Anneliese Michel exorcism, which inspired the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," on display at Ursula Bielski's Chicago Ghost Conference, owned by Christopher Saint Booth. 

4) Interviewing cast and crew in Austin, TX for the world premiere of the Netflix horror feature "Rattlesnake."

5) A Halloween double date in Austin, Wendy and I along with Greg Lawson, the Paranormal detective, and his wife.  Photo taken in front of the haunted Paramount Theater

6) The Haunted Driskill Hotel in Austin on Halloween

7 & 8) The first annual Dia de los Muertos River parade in San Antonio.

9) A blessing ceremony at the breath-taking San Jose Mission

10) An ofrenda (offering alter) on Day of the Dead in San Antonio

11) And indeed, we did get one paranormal investigation in during the Halloween season at a site in San Antonio where a friend had an emotional encounter with something otherworldly.  
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