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  • In the last three months, we visited famous haunted locations in Napa Valley, San Francisco, Austin, New Orleans, Tennessee & LA
  • We had a crazy fun viewing of the Zak Bagans-produced paranormal documentary "Demon House" during SXSW (there's a link to our podcast review below).  Love or hate the doc, you MUST listen to the song at the end of the episode
  • And I got to shoot a music video in the shadow person-infested hallway of a closed hospital near Chattanooga
(clockwise from top, left) Hale's Bar Dam in Guild, TN, hanging in John Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop with Wendy Lynn & Mike from the "See You on the Other Side" podcast & paranormal rock band Sunspot in New Orleans, seeing around a million (literally!) bats emerge at sunset in Austin, exploring deeper into Rustic Canyon to uncover more lost buildings near Malibu's Nazi Camp, Murphy's Ranch.  Be sure to check out collage #2 at the bottom.
Haunted Oscar Locations
Did you know that a CRAZY amount of Academy Award Theaters are haunted?  This goes all the way back to the very first award ceremony back in 1924.
Recently, I was fortunate to be back on the "See You on the Other Side" podcast to discuss the "Oscar love curse," which is the idea that after someone wins an Oscar (usually referring to women) their relationships end.  And in the process we went into a whole bunch of different ghost stories revolving around celebrities
(click on the image to listen to the full episode).
One thing I was hoping to get into that we just didn't have time for on the episode was the surprising amount of Oscar theaters that are haunted.  In order, from newest to oldest, here's the list:

Hollywood & Highland Center / The Dolby Theater – 2002 - Present
Located at the Hollywood & Highland Center, (pictured right with a portion of DW Griffith's "Intolerance" set rebuilt to the same, massive scale as the original), the Dolby Theater was called the Kodak Theatre when it first opened just back in 2002.  The location recently hosted their sweet 16 Oscar ceremony.  It's not known how actively haunted this place currently is, but it's built on the site of a known haunted location.  Long ago the Hollywood Hotel stood on this location and was one of the many places where people would encounter Rudolph Valentino's ghost. 
I should do a full article about him. I always called him ‘Hollywood's most traveled ghost,’ because he is apparently seen in over a dozen places around Los Angeles as well as a half dozen or so places in New York.  So, his loss of life has not slowed him down at all.  He is still the quite popular person and, of course, was the silver screen’s first sex symbol, who died at a very young age.  His death left so many people hurting that there are still annual funeral services held on the anniversary of his death, some 90 years later.
There are reported suicides that came about as a result of his death as well as injuries sustained as his body made its way from New York to its current and final resting place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
At the Hollywood Hotel (pictured left from a 1922 film titled "Hollywood Snapshots"), women would say that his spirit would appear there and give them a kind of a spectral goodnight kiss from the other side.  Naturally, that room was booked out far in advance because everybody wanted them to have one last encounter with Valentino
Is Valentino still hanging out where the Oscars are currently being held?  Who’s to say?  We haven't heard anything yet.  If you've heard anything about hauntings at the Hollywood and Highland Center I'd be very interested to find that out.  It's possible stuff is going on, but there's just so much chaos and commotion that it's hard to notice it.

Pantages Theater, 1950-1960
This is an interesting spot that was on the LA hauntings tour I used to give and still love coming here because most of the time we were telling ghost stories that are dark, sad or negative.  This seems like it's a place where people love to come back.  So, this is kind of a happy ghost story location.

Howard Hughes’s presence is still felt there frequently, as he owned the building during the decade it hosted the Academy Awards.  It's associated with the smell of cigarette smoke.  You’d think this guy must have smoked like a chimney but of course we know this guy was very neat and proper.  He despised cigarettes.  So, it's interesting that we now associate the smell of cigarette smoke with Howard Hughes.  You wonder, is it some former employee who's smoking in his office and heard Hughes walking down the hall?  He’d be freaked out because he knew he’d be in trouble and that bit of an imprint to this day.
(Continued below)
How do you watch "Demon House?" Make it a drinking game!  Listen to our fun review of the Zak Bagan's documentary on the house he bought in glamorous, glorious Gary, Indiana by clicking the image above!
What are you doing to celebrate Friday the 13th?
The paranormal rock group Sunspot is releasing their 8th album, "Wonders of the Invisible World" and throwing a bash to celebrate!  A favorite of paranormal conferences and music festivals alike, their music touches on subject ranging from H.H. Holmes to Leonard Nimoy, from TV zombies to cryptid beasts.  Even the album title is a reference to Cotton Mather's defending of the actions taken during the Salem Witch Trials

Musically sound and lyrically deep, the band puts on a great show under normal circumstances, this show at the Ruby in Madison, WI,  will consist of all sorts of surprises!  General admission is $10 with the $20 admission covering a goodie bag of surprises including the new CD.  Order at Ticketfly by clicking here.


There's also apparently the ghost of a rabid theater goer.  Now that she's on the other side, and doesn’t need to buy tickets, she’s enjoying show after show.  She’s enjoying herself so much so that she sings along to the performances.  She even keeps up with the more modern performances that have come around after she passed away.  Apparently she’s able to pick up new tunes.  It's alleged that she's even ruined some recordings because her off-key loud singing that’s picked up on recordings.
I could good in depth about Alexander Pantages, who opened this theater.   He had a conspiracy against him that's pretty well documented by the Kennedy family.  It's all really fascinating stuff.  Pantages himself doesn't haunt this location, though he had 80 some locations across North America.  Maybe his presence is still felt at one of those.  This was the last building he built and he did not have a positive experience here in LA.
My favorite ghost story about the Pantages revolves around a wardrobe person who was cleaning up after a performance one night.  She was the last person in the building.  The lights shut off on their own and in the darkness she tripped over something and fell.  She had a moment she started to panic.  Then, out of the darkness, someone grabbed her warmly by the arm helped her to her feet.  They walked with her all the way up through from the main room, through the lobby to the front doors.  She opened the door and waited for the street light from Hollywood Boulevard to stream in so she could illuminate and thank her rescuer, only you see that there.

Again, a protective presence made its presence known.  It’s interesting to note that even though this building went up long ago, the activity didn't start till more recently.  In the early 90s there was a break-in and a lot of damage was done to the upper balcony area.  It seems like ever since then, the spirits that maybe were sitting there dormant, have taken a more active role in protecting the space.

Continue reading this article on the web site to learn about The Chinese Theater, the Ambassador Hotel, the Biltmore Hotel, which touches on stories and history involving The Black Dahlia, "The Tower of Terror" and even Marilyn MonroeContinue reading by clicking here!

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Top left: The Gay Nineties, a haunted pizza place near Livermore, CA.  Top right: Scott & Wendy at Venice, CA's haunted Townhouse Speakeasy with ghost hunting friends, Greg Niecestro ("Killer Contact") & Jordan Murphy ("Haunted Encounters").  Middle:  The remains of the Willowbrook Ballroom in Justice, IL.  Bottom: Austin, haunted Driskill Hotel.
Q: How many Oscars did Charlie Chaplin win?
A:  Just ONE and it was for best film score!  (he was also given two honorary Oscars as well)
Charlie Chaplin has also spawned a couple of ghost stories, which I go over in this somewhat experimental video here.  I was testing a streaming camera while in LA.  Unfortunately, it didn't really pass the test, but I thought you might want to hear the stories anyway.  If the thumbnail doesn't work, click here.
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