The “Old Slave House” in Southern IL by Drone

I have long wanted to see the “Old Slave House” for myself since first reading about it in Michael Kleen’s book “Haunting Illinois.”  I knew even when that book came out in 2011 that the site was strictly off limits, currently owned by the state of Illinois.  Attempting to do things ‘by the book’ I contacted the state.  Saying that since it’s such a new addition to the DNR, I should contact the site directly, I was then given a phone number that did not connect to anything.

Do I think I was being thrown off my goal intentionally?  No.  Unfortunately, I think I got a feel for how much of a priority this location is to the state, which is to say, not much of one.  Despite being on the National Registry of Historic Places, this is likely an endangered location with little chance of the house ever being re-opened to the public.  Part of this is due to its seclusion.  Since the nearest ‘large’ town, Harrisburg, only boasts a population of 8,800, the likelihood of the location generating revenue as a museum is unlikely.  However, with the location infamous for its dark history (being associated with slavery and the horrendous “reverse underground railroad”) and with paranormal activity reported here for over 160 years, there is another option.  I think the building would have paranormal shows and ghost hunting teams lining up to rent the location nightly.

To hear more about the history and hauntings at Crenshaw House, watch the video above.

While at the Michigan ParaCon, Wendy Lynn Staats (Sunspot) and I sat down to talk with the crew at "222 Paranormal" to share some of our own tales of visiting haunted locations.  Click on the image to listen!
Jeff York brought me back on the Page 2 Screen podcast to discuss the latest offering from "The Conjuring" franchise, "The Nun."  We also ended up getting into a lot of LA-related ghost stories.  You can WATCH a version that includes B-Roll of the locations we discuss here.  Click the image for the podcast.
Is Sault Ste. Marie Haunted?

If it's appearing in this newsletter, the odds are, yes.  Michigan’s oldest town (founded in 1668!) and site of the Michigan ParaCon, Sault Ste. Marie (pronounced "Soo Saint Marie") has some haunted locations. We'll start right where we get most of our food while we're on location, the 1903-built Palace Saloon.  This restaurant has activity throughout the building including activity from the basement to the top floor, but most notably, a man in black seen sitting in one of the booths.  See a video I shot of employees talking about the hauntings with Mike, Wendy and Allison from the "See You on the Other Side" podcast.
Also, we got a tip about the following locations also being haunted by still very active Native American spirits:
Hopefully we can arrange a separate journey to the edge of America to further investigate these sites.  In the meantime, we're interested in hearing from YOU, if you have any personal stories of paranormal activity in Sault Ste Marie, the UP or extreme Northern Wisconsin in general.  (article continues after the video)
Also, we got a tip about a number of haunted sites around Sault Ste Marie that might still be occupied by active Native American spirits.  These were given to us by a member of the Sault tribe while saying the locations are very active and paranormal occurrences are ongoing.  Here are the locations we need to research more before returning for a number of full investigations (continue reading this article here)

What's Next?

* Our next issue will feature a look at some haunted and curious sites in Madison, WI.  Do you have any stories you think should be included? 
Let me know!

* We'll take a look at one of America's most famous hauntings (and a possible paranormal murder), Tennessee's Bell Witch.
* We will have a fun, new ghost story-related product for sale!

Instagram Pic of the month comes from Elgin's "Hospital and Asylum for the Insane.  Do you have Elgin ghost stories? And don't forget to follow us on Instagram!
whatsyourghoststoryWhile on the prowl for #Elgin #ghoststories, I stumbled across a mental health facility that’s been around since 1869! What history! While some of the campus is still in use, about half of it is abandoned and in the process of being retaken by nature. There has to be some stories about this location! Do you have any?
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