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Hello Musicians -

We're very sorry to have to send you some changes at this late date, but it appears that there were some issues with some of the rooms.  Please see the revised concert plan below, which also includes more instructions for volunteers and the group photo.

12:30 Set up crew and percussion only go into the church Sanctuary and percussion cupboard with the permission of Dave, to begin set-up (avoid Banquet Hall area and move carefully in hallways - there's a church lunch until 1 pm).
1:00-1:45 Volunteers leave refreshments on tables near kitchen.
Small table and  two chairs set up for donations.

BB - Choir room at 1pm.  To store cases along one wall (to left), warm up instruments, then proceed to Sanctuary at 1:20, for warm up on stage from 1:25 – 1:45.

EE - Chapel (store cases, then warm up in Sanctuary from 1 – 1:20).  Bring music stands.

CC - Scout Hall (store cases on one wall, to left).

RCLower Hall (store cases, etc. on one side (left), leave other side for DJB.

JJB - Choir room (store cases on right wall, warm up).

DJB - Lower Hall (store cases right wall, warm up).

TBA - Scout Hall (store cases on one wall, to right).
2:00-3:15 To aid in logistics for the mass photograph, pews near the front will be reserved for EE and CC, and pews near the back will be reserved for RC.  BB members after their performance can find a seat anywhere, preferably near an aisle and/or help with the refreshments prep.

Four concert bands perform, BB, EE, CC, RC.
Each band will be photographed from the balcony immediately after they stand and the band leader bows. Watch for signal 3-2-1, freeze and smile!

During this time, jazz bands may warm up in their assigned rooms, but close the door so sound does not interfere with the concert.  Jazz band members should quietly make their way to the front Sanctuary door, with their instruments, at 3:15, so as to be ready to file on stage for the mass photo when Felicia gives the signal.
3:30 Group photo of all ONHB members to be taken from balcony.  Everyone should have one instrument with them, which they hold close to their body for its (and their) protection.
RC will have just finished their performance and band photo, and moved off the stage to occupy the stairs and part of the floor.  EE and CC members will stand up in the pews that have been reserved for them and turn to face the balcony.  BB members will rush to the front and fill in the space between RC and the pews. The three jazz bands will file onto the stage via the ramp once Felicia signals them that the chairs have been removed.  Everyone will face the balcony, standing, for the photos.
Juice and treats donated by band members are made available to audience members in the hallway corridor (four tables at side for juice/water and treats).
3:40-4:00 Set-up for the jazz bands, order: JJB, DJB, TBA.
Each band will be photographed from the balcony immediately after they stand and the band leader bows. Watch for signal 3-2-1, freeze and smile!
4:00-5:00 Three jazz bands perform, while the food is set up in Banquet Hall by non-musician volunteers and concert band volunteers, led by Holly.
5:00- 6:15 Hors d’oeuvres available for all, while the sanctuary is restored by stage crew volunteers from jazz bands and percussionists from concert bands.

Cake photo with all band leaders at 5:15 in Banquet Hall.
7:00 All people and equipment out of the church.

In addition, here's some more information on parking for Sunday.  We will have access to additional parking at Woodroffe Elementary School. There are about 40 spots in the teachers’ lot, which is accessed from Saville Row, just east of Woodroffe Avenue. There are a lot more spots that can be accessed through a gate into the playground, further east of the teachers’ lot. It will be a good idea for those with small instruments to park at the school. Plus, there is on-street parking on the side streets west of Woodroffe.  You may enter the church through the doors on Woodroffe Avenue.

There is a chance that the weather may necessitate postponing the concert.  Please check your emails tomorrow morning. 

The ONHB Team

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