Cristina's Friday Read

- you're always searching for new things to learn or ways to improve,
- enjoy long form articles that stir debates in your head (especially if their views are opposite from yours),
- you're an avid reader of books,
- you're a doer and also APPLY what you learn, not only read stuff and forget about it,
- you're skeptical and, at the same time. open minded, not afraid to contradict yourself,
- you're allergic to bullshitty, clickbaity, fluffy and bloated content, newsletter might be a good match for you.

Every Friday morning I send an email with curated content: various articles, podcasts or books that I read and recommend, together with my thoughts.

These are on various subjects, with the main goal of growing on a personal & professional level (I believe those two are interconnected).

If this is something you'd be interested in, please join Friday Read.

- Cristina

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